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Sarah Yip Psychic With Numerology Charts
Your psychic reading includes an hour of preparation and post-reading followup. I hand write your numerology chart based on years of experience (see some of the thousands I've prep
ared in the photo). You receive this guide during your session.

I read in person (Chermside, Brisbane), by phone and Skype from Tues to Friday. Overseas
 clients welcome. Almost half of my clients are from the US, UK & Asia. How do you know I'm genuine? See my FAQs.

Due to demand, next spots are in early 2018. 
An $100 deposit is required to reserve your session**. 

Due to a website update
, bookings are currently done manually.
1) Please email me with the subject 'Reading Deposit'.
Include your:
your location (city/ country)
preferred session (psychic reading or past life regression)
preferred method (in person/ Skype/ phone) and
preferred day (Tues-Fri).
I work 9am-6pm AEST, this is occasionally flexible. You can copy/ paste the text above and add info as needed. 

2) I will check my database and confirm if you are an initial or followup client.

3) Within 5-10 working days, I will reply with suggested dates and
 send details for a bank transfer, or a Paypal invoice if appropriate. Any urgent q's please SMS 0408 898 028. Thanks for your patience during my website transfer and pregnancy.

Tips: As mentioned in my FAQs and post on refunds, I'm a premium psychic, specialising in numerology and palmistry. If you're on a budget, here are 8 ways to create cashflow and tips for manifesting money. You can also see testimonials. The peace of mind you receive from a genuine reading is priceless. It will save you months, years, even decades searching for similar information. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Initial Phone/ Skype Psychic Readings ($550/ 90 min approx):
(NOTE: I am phasing out palmistry from my psychic readings from 2018 - minor hand analysis may be included on request)

Once your date and deposit is confirmed, please email your:
-birth certificate name (including middle name)
-current name (including middle name)
-DOB if not already sent
-Skype name (you can send an invitation to SarahYip1111). If you prefer a Phone reading, please call my mobile 0408 898 028.
-You'll receive your chart by
email, just before the session. 

-Please email photos of the front, palm-side of each hand (2 in total) 48 hours prior to your session. I will send a sample photos in the confirmation message. 
The photos should include your complete palms and fingers and be taken in daylight or bright light, so I can zoom in easily. Around 1-2MB per file is fine.

No need to send these pictures sooner, as your lines can change. Please do not SMS photos, as the resolution is too low. 

-Please transfer the balance a week before we talk. 

Inside Your Initial Psychic Reading:

This is no ordinary reading! You'll leave knowing exactly why you are here in this body on the planet...

Firstly, I’ll ask if you are recording the call. I will make a backup recording (this is $15 to upload due to processing time – allow 3 weeks for delivery). We may start with a healing meditation to help create sacred space before we begin. You can also purchase my tried-and-tested Angel Meditation as preparation.

Then we'll go through your numerology chart or soul contract and palmistry. After this, you'll have question time. We finish off with a 12 month Tarot Card forecast. Total time is usually 90-120 mins.

Your numerology analysis reveals your:
-Life purpose/ Lifepath and any Master numbers (11, 22, 33). Master numbers give you double potential in certain areas. 
-Personality strengths and opportunities for growth.
-Birth and current name vibration - you'll discover the impacts of your name on your attitude, working and emotional desires. 
-Exact age turning points for the 'four seasons' of life, when you'll undergo dramatic changes in every area. I'll highlight key years for maturity, including success and challenge periods. 
-Personal Year cycle in numerology and current lessons.  
-Ideal requirements for optimum health, career and relationship success e.g. what conditions you need to flourish.

Your palmistry shows your:
-Energy levels and chakra health.
-Confidence and whether you feel 'on purpose'.
-Relationship and work satisfaction (your body is very truthful!)
Read more about palmistry basics and what your hands reveal.

I teach numerology and palmistry so this is an educational experience as well as a reading. Anyone can learn to do what I do, it just takes practice, courage and a love of humanity. I may include emotional clearing, as well as clairvoyance.

Inside Your Followup Psychic Reading ($250/ 60 min):

Once you know your lifepath, I recommend a followup every 6 to 12 months to ensure that you are achieving your goals. The best time for an update is around your birthday, as you enter a new Personal Year. Followups include a recap of your numerology, overview of the main areas of your life, Tarot forecast and question time. Palmistry is included, as time allows.

Inside Your Past Life Regression ($260/ 90 min approx)
Limited spots for 2018, a waiting list is available

A past life regression session with me includes a guided meditation and discussion time. Please see these posts for information:
My Flashbacks in Toni Reilly's Course
Healing your Root Chakra - Once a Soldier Always a Soldier

A regression is different to a psychic reading in that you experience the memory directly, rather than being given the information by someone else. According to Toni, this catharsis can help to clear the trauma. Regression is an effective form of self-healing, which helps you to see yourself as a volunteer on Earth, instead of a victim of circumstance.

Where will my Soul take me during a regression? 
-A past life or past lives which are relevant to your life right now.
-Life between lives - the place you go between incarnations where your Guides and Soul Group/ Family may wish to connect with you. You may see loved ones who have passed over. 
-Current life flashbacks, e.g. to chlidhood or teenage years.

The information you receive during a regression can take years to appreciate. The biggest thing to understand is that 'you get what you get' - your Soul decides what you will experience in the regression, not your human mind or the facilitator. Some people see their memories, while others mainly hear or feel them. By the way, most of your past lives will be normal ones - we can't all have been Cleopatra (!) It's not a case of your mind making things up - a guided regression arises from intuition, not imagination.

Toni and other regression facilitators have factual reports from clients who were able to verify their past lives after researching historical information.

Here is feedback from one of my regression clients, Sonia:
"I went into the session sceptical of being hypnotised but with a curiosity about past life regression. Immediately I was at ease with Sarah and settled into hypnosis from the moment I closed my eyes. What I then experienced was a deep profound view of two past lives, I was amazed. The feelings experienced during this session were intense with crying, laughter, sadness and also peacefulness and also a few cryptic messages thrown in which I have yet to decipher.

For approximately four days after the session I had more amazing experiences with vivid dreams (about) current family members. I have been feeling more intuitive and protected by upstairs and my guardian angels. I highly recommend this therapy as the process helped to basically cut to the core of a lot of my present issues and give me a deeper understanding of who I am today. Thank you Sarah x."

Sarah's Psychic Reading Policies

**A $100 deposit by Paypal or bank transfer is required to reserve your space. The balance is due at least 1 week before the session. Due to a waitlist, your spot may be postponed if the balance is not paid on time. Thanks for understanding. Credit valid for 12 months after purchase, if you give me 72 hours notice of any time or date changes. Cancellations or postponement within 72 hours attract a $100 fee, excluding genuine emergencies. Deposits are non-refundable however exceptions can be made at Sarah's discretion.

Disclaimer: All readings are provided for personal entertainment purposes only. For all matters that require professional help please seek the advice of a fully qualified expert.

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