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November 2016 News - Supermoon, Cashflow Tips, Crazy Psychics and Robin Bailey's Shock Dismissal From 97.3FM
Robin Bailey Sacked From 97.3FM - A Cosmic Blow!
Happy 11/11!! Meet The 11:11 See'rs Who Changed My Life!
Psychic Reading for Angela Hryniuk, Inspirational Speaker (she's worked with the Dalai Lama!)
Dreamworld Accident - RIP Roozi Araghi, A Gift to Us All

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Psychic Readings by Sarah

November 2016 News - Supermoon, Cashflow Tips, Crazy Psychics and Robin Bailey's Shock Dismissal From 97.3FM

*An UPDATED version of this newsletter was published on 27/11*
Happy Supermoon! Wishing 
you a light-filled day during this VERY rocky time on Earth. Here's an 11:11 post on 11 healers who've changed my life. 

I planned to send this on 11/11 but after three PCs failed, I took the hint to rest. If you've been flat, it's time for a tune-up. 
I've already had three healings this week, as Forrest is crawling, we're getting married in March and life is super busy.

Robin Bailey Sacked From 97.3FM - A Cosmic Blow!

This morning I was stunned* to discover that Robin Bailey, my favourite radio announcer, was sacked from Brisbane's 97.3FM yesterday.She had been there for ten years and has thousands of loyal fans. This is devastating news!

Robin is a wounded healer and her departure is a giant blow to all the people who believe in her indefatigable spirit and generosity.See the public statement she's posted on facebook andthe letter Rebecca Sparrow wrote about her legacy. In the past 15 months, Robin has lost her husband and now her long-term job in heartbreaking circumstances.

Happy 11/11!! Meet The 11:11 See'rs Who Changed My Life!

Sarah Yip 11:11 We Are One We Are ManyHappy 11/11 my friends! Fans of this page will know I'm a big 11:11 numerology fan. This number has changed my life in a thousand positive ways since I began seeing it after a breakup on 11/11/2011. Sarah Yip 1111 Numerology 2016

This article is dedicated to Dee, my Master 22/4 friend whose birthday is 11/11. Wouldn't be here without you!! 

11:11 is a sign from Source that'we are one, but we are many'*, and that 'you are never al-one, because we are all-one'

You see 11:11 when you're ready to wake up to your spiritual gifts, and meet your Soul tribe

Psychic Reading for Angela Hryniuk, Inspirational Speaker (she's worked with the Dalai Lama!)

I keep meeting more amazingspeakersandauthorswith fascinating hands. So here's another profile, just for you! All photos have been taken with the writer's consent. Please note, this profile was originally written in 2014, and updated today.

11/11/16 - I have just attendedAngela Hryniuk'sAscension Mastery retreat and loved it. This new programme goes for a few months so I'm still in process. Highly recommend this intermediate course, which covers Buddhist principles, spiritual manifestation and innovative self-healing techniques.

Dreamworld Accident - RIP Roozi Araghi, A Gift to Us All

Many of you will have heard of the terrible accident at Dreamworld, in which four people died on the Thunder River Rapids Ride. I have been debating for weeks on whether to blog on this tragedy. As a survivor of the 2004 tsunami, I know what it is like to be re-triggered by the media.

But, after being called 'the Antichrist' on mynumerology facebook pagetoday (yes, really) I realised that you cannot please everyone. I also remembered that a blog is not about being popular, it's about using words wisely.

Four Lessons from Standing Rock - We Must Protect Our Sacred Spaces

You'd have to live under a boulder not to know about Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline protest(NoDAPL). Essentially, the US Army Corps fast-tracked an oil pipeline across sacred sites and waterways, without properly consulting Native American tribes, including the Standing Rock Sioux. As a result, there have been mass protests and court proceedings by the tribes, as well as reports of police brutality. There are many news articles on the drama, but few talking about its spiritual significance.

How to be Incredibly Psychic - Podcast with Desmore Media

Sarah Yip and Desmore Media
Want to know how to be psychic? Thencheck out my latest podcast with Desmore!I was blessed to meet Desmore (Nero) Samios in Brisbane recently. She is a27/9 lifepath in numerology, aka an Old Soul, and such a brilliant, clever host.Find your lifepath.

Listen to our podcast on How to be Incredibly Psychic (29min)

What you will learn in this episode:
- My journey from being a scientist to becoming a spiritual teacher, i.e. how I 'became what I judged' after

My Psychic Secret Weapon #1- Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing

Sarah Yip Deniz Akan Forrest
Want to become more psychic? 
Then stay tuned, as I reveal my
'psychic secret weapons' in this series of posts.

First up -Deniz Akanis one of my favourite sound, Reiki and crystal healers in Australia.She travels all year round and is often booked up in advance.I see her often and she treats my partner,baby  and many of my clients. Forrest adores Deniz and smiles at her more than me (!) Her in person and distance sessions are full of kindness, joy and clarity.

21 Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding - Healing for Mums and Babies

Sarah Yip Forrest Teeth
It's amazing how the Universe can read our minds.After spending the past month wondering whether to wean Forrest, I received this beautiful article on the benefits of breastfeeding fromMaternity Glow. Kate runs a great site andfacebook page, with posts on everything from co-sleeping to baby gear guides.

I was glad to hear from her, as Forrest recently sprouted his first two teeth (see photo). As a result, I've gone from loving breast-feeding to mixed emotions.

Gigi Hadid's Assault by 'Prankster' Vitalii Sediuk - When Master 33 Lifepaths Collide, Sparks Fly!

I've been following Gigi Hadid since I realised she was aMaster 33/6 lifepathin numerology, i.e. a Master Healer. This makes her a rarity in the fashion industry, as there aren't many Master 
33/6 models (this is a less common lifepath).
Find your lifepath.

Although I've found a fewMaster 11/2 Spiritual Messenger Lifepaths(Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), Gigi is one of the only 33's.Master Number carriers always attract the spotlight.