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How to be Incredibly Psychic - Podcast with Desmore Media
My Psychic Secret Weapon #1- Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing
21 Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding - Healing for Mums and Babies
Gigi Hadid's Assault by 'Prankster' Vitalii Sediuk - When Master 33 Lifepaths Collide, Sparks Fly!
Are You Honest with Money? 8 Chakra-Based Tips for Creating Cashflow

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Psychic Readings by Sarah

How to be Incredibly Psychic - Podcast with Desmore Media

Sarah Yip and Desmore Media
Want to know how to be psychic? Thencheck out my latest podcast with Desmore!I was blessed to meet Desmore (Nero) Samios in Brisbane recently. She is a27/9 lifepath in numerology, aka an Old Soul, and such a brilliant, clever host.Find your lifepath.

Listen to our podcast on How to be Incredibly Psychic (29min)

What you will learn in this episode:
- My journey from being a scientist to becoming a spiritual teacher, i.e. how I 'became what I judged' after

My Psychic Secret Weapon #1- Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing

Sarah Yip Deniz Akan Forrest
Want to become more psychic? 
Then stay tuned, as I reveal my
'psychic secret weapons' in this series of posts.

First up -Deniz Akanis one of my favourite sound, Reiki and crystal healers in Australia.She travels all year round and is often booked up in advance.I see her often and she treats my partner,baby  and many of my clients. Forrest adores Deniz and smiles at her more than me (!) Her in person and distance sessions are full of kindness, joy and clarity.

21 Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding - Healing for Mums and Babies

Sarah Yip Forrest Teeth
It's amazing how the Universe can read our minds.After spending the past month wondering whether to wean Forrest, I received this beautiful article on the benefits of breastfeeding fromMaternity Glow. Kate runs a great site andfacebook page, with posts on everything from co-sleeping to baby gear guides.

I was glad to hear from her, as Forrest recently sprouted his first two teeth (see photo). As a result, I've gone from loving breast-feeding to mixed emotions.

Gigi Hadid's Assault by 'Prankster' Vitalii Sediuk - When Master 33 Lifepaths Collide, Sparks Fly!

I've been following Gigi Hadid since I realised she was aMaster 33/6 lifepathin numerology, i.e. a Master Healer. This makes her a rarity in the fashion industry, as there aren't many Master 
33/6 models (this is a less common lifepath).
Find your lifepath.

Although I've found a fewMaster 11/2 Spiritual Messenger Lifepaths(Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), Gigi is one of the only 33's.Master Number carriers always attract the spotlight.

Are You Honest with Money? 8 Chakra-Based Tips for Creating Cashflow

Happy 27/9! To follow up my 2014 post aboutmanifesting money
I'd like to share 8 chakra-based tips for creating cashflow.
These 'out of left field' ideas come from my experience doing
psychic readingsfor thousands of people since 2007, including millionaires and manysuccessful business owners.

Please treat this article as a starting point, rather than a complete guide for abundance.

Why am I so big on honesty with money?
Because I've seen the nightmare-ish results of dishonesty with money and power, through my previous roles in government, the United Nations, and other agencies.

What's the Spiritual Meaning of Wallaby - My Latest Furry Animal Totem

Agile Wallaby Totem Animal
Ever since my friend Butterfly passed away, my life has become weirder and wilder, like a dive into Alice's Wonderland.

-Not only did Butterfly send a tame
Kookaburra Spirit,
-She sent many butterflies and 
Master 33'sto me.
-When a friend questioned my stories, he was
shown two profound signs on facebook- a photo of '11 11 Grieve' as well as a peacock, his late mother's favourite pet.Read more on 11:11 Clocks.-
-After I posted the '11 11 Grieve' image I was contacted by someone on facebook, who believed this was a sign from their loved one.

The Five Craziest Things Psychics Have Told Me - Why This Industry is Buyer Beware!

Foundr Quote Expensive Amateur

Hi Folks, this post is a departure from my normal posts about myth-busting,numerologyandpalmistry. But it had to be written!

Eclipsesare always a great time for sudden realisations. Last night, I was inspired after seeing this facebook quote byFoundr Magazine for entrepreneurs-"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur,"

Thanks to
Cas McCullough from Writally** for the information share.

As you may know, the psychic industry in Australia is unregulated

Fear of Spiders - What's the Spiritual Meaning? Spider Animal Totems Explained

Sarah Yip Arachnophobia Spiders Fear
Are you scared of spiders? Do you have arachnophobia?
Ever wondered what spiders represent spiritually?
Then this article is for you! 

As a
psychic reader, I believe that everything in life can be a sign from the Universe - even bugs. Spiders are a spirit animal. They invite us to embrace our shadow side,including our fears of mortality, aggression, and repressed creativity. 

In numerology, SPIDER adds to 1+7+9+4+5+9 = 35/8, the same vibration as words like CREATOR, MOUNTAIN and WATERFALL.

Don't Mess with Spirit - They're on Facebook Too!

As many of you know, my friendButterfly passed away last month.Soon after her death, shesent a Kookaburra as a sign of lovefor us. Interestingly, my post about this bird totem stirred up mixed feelings on social media and among my friends.

One person, whom I've known for almost 10 years, called to say he was sceptical about the Kookaburra - perhaps my emotions had made me too subjective? I appreciated his feedback, as I had also doubted bird signs in the past (until the Kookaburra moment).

My 97.3FM Robin, Terry & Bob Interview on the Solar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde & September 2016 Numerology - A Cosmic Boom!

Sarah Yip Solar Eclipse September 2016
Here's my latest interview on September 2016's astrology with the folks at 97.3FM.I am the resident psychic on the Robin, Terry & Bob Breakfast Show, and love their positive vibes!

Listen now (3min 43s) or save this as a file (3.33MB) by clicking the fourth button from the left (down arrow above a horizontal line).

Here's the 
article on September's Solar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, and Numerology, we discussed. Iwrote a followup on Mercury Retrograde here.

Solar Eclipse Interview Summary - 2 September 2016