Palmistry - Peacock's Eye Whorl Fingerprints - Spirit to the Rescue!
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Palmistry - Peacock's Eye Whorl Fingerprints - Spirit to the Rescue!

central pocketHad a close call last week. I was driving to my spiritual mentor (Caroline)'s place and as I was adjusting my radio I realised that the car in front of me had suddenly braked. I was going at 90km/ hour and had no time to stop.

I was sure I was going to have a massive accident. Thank goodness there was the end of a merge lane to my left so I was able to swerve to avoid a collision.

I took this as a big kick up the butt from Spirit. When I asked my guides why it happened I got the answer "Stop following people so closely" - on the road and in my day to day life. I have been comparing myself to other people recently so this made a lot of sense.  

Palmistry Alert: (see above right) Many people with this fingerprint on their Ring finger have walked away from dangerous situations (car crashes, fires, floods) unharmed. I have this formation and escaped the 2004 Tsunami unharmed by just a few minutes. The print is called the Peacock's Eye Whorl. It is considered extremely lucky in Palmistry as it protects you from from death by accident. Some believe it means you have a high degree of spiritual assistance. Do you have one?

I have seen this fingerprint on the Pinky (Mercury finger) only a few times. I believe that it gives the bearers psychic/ mediumship ability, which has been true so far. I have also seen a Peacock's Eye Whorl on a man's right thumb.

I said to him that he was one of a kind and possessed an incredible ability to channel spiritual knowledge, perhaps from other dimensions. He looked quite intrigued when I said that. He is the global manager of a well known publishing company which puts out new age material so I guess I was spot on? It's amazing how much the hands tell you...

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Aoife on Friday, 12 September 2014 9:23 AM
Hello, I've been trying to find out more about the peacock eye fingerprint and came across your site. I have a peacock on my ring finger and my index finger of my right hand (my left is dominant). All my other fingerprints are just normal loops. If you have any ideas of what if anything this signifies I would be really interested to know :-) Thanks.
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Shathik batcha on Monday, 22 December 2014 4:21 PM
Greetings, I do have peacock's eye pattern in my right index finger. What it means. Can somebody shed some light on this subject. Thank you.
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iris on Monday, 21 November 2016 3:38 AM
I have a Peacocks eye whorl on my left ring finger also on my right ring, not quite as distinctive. Also, one other whorl, my husband has 4 whorls total. My 2 kids have 2 each. My teacher 35 yrs. ago said it was extreme creativeness & we have an usually creative family. I did get thru a very intense brain operation with success. thank you,
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