Palmistry - Finger Droplets - The reason they invented Wet Paint signs
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Palmistry - Finger Droplets - The reason they invented Wet Paint signs

Sarah Yip Palmistry Finger Droplet SensitivityThere was heavy rain in Brisbane today so I wandered into a posh home furnishings store to avoid being washed away. I walked around for an hour touching things (carefully!) Being amongst the exotic scents, fabrics and flowers was heavenly. The store had different themes for every corner, like an extravagant movie set. I felt like a Queen...

If you have droplets on the insides of your fingertips (see top right) you'll be the touchy-feely sort - the reason they invented Wet Paint signs and 1000 thread count sheets. We're talking Reiki practitioners, artists, designers, inventors and kinaesthetic learners. Droplets on your fingers show that you have increased nerve endings, which give you greater sensitivity and compassion. You'll rarely drop things due to your good sense of touch. 

Droplet types run their hands over things, often love animals  and usually keep their nails short. Johnny Depp has droplets on all his fingers, so playing Edward Scissorhands would have been quite a challenge!

Some people believe that people with droplets tend to become involved in other people's problems e.g. as counsellors or healers. 

To find out more about your hands, visit my Palmistry Basics page. 

Or book a psychic reading with me in Macgregor, Brisbane. Sessions include palmistry, numerology, clairvoyance and a 12 month Tarot reading. Phone readings are also available. 

You can also come to a palmistry course and find out the secrets of your hand for yourself!

3 Comments to Palmistry - Finger Droplets - The reason they invented Wet Paint signs:

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New york graffiti on Friday, 17 January 2014 12:03 PM
Thank you very much !! You have shared very good information with us. I will also tell about it to my friends also in fact all the people known to me.
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Find the best dry erase board paint on Monday, 17 February 2014 10:37 PM
My partner and I enjoyed reading this write-up; I just wanted to know do you trade featured articles or blog posts? I am always trying to find somebody to make trades with and simply thought I'd ask.
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Sarah Yip on Friday, 4 April 2014 11:16 PM
Hi, I appreciate your support! I would consider writing an article for another site but at this stage I don't feature other writers on my blog. Best wishes, Sarah

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