Palmistry - Musical Thumb Bumps and Dumpling Yums
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Palmistry - Musical Thumb Bumps and Dumpling Yums

mount of venusJust finished the 4-day Mind Body Spirit festival in Sydney and it was a whopper! In between reading my socks off, I had a great experience with John Sutton who does psychic wax art readings. John helped me to connect to my Highest Guide so that I was using Divine energy instead of my own. This definitely helped me to keep going through to 7pm each night. John's site is:

I also treated myself to some yummy dumplings at Din Tai Fung in World Square. The service was haphazard but I did notice that all the staff had musical thumbs, i.e. they had a pronounced angle at the base of their thumbs (look to the right of the V in the photo). This bump shows that you have a good sense of timing, which is essential when you're an athlete, public speaker, musician or a waiter in a fast-paced environment with hot soup!

Palmists believe that a bump at the base of the thumb gives you coordination and a sense of melody. A bump at the base of your thumb ball (Venus mount) closest to the wrist gives you excellent rhythm. Drummers usually have both bumps. These bumps can develop over time. 

Enjoyed this article? Feel free to book a psychic reading or palmistry course in Brisbane.

Best wishes

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