Palmistry - The Loop of Humour and Laughing at Funerals
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Palmistry - The Loop of Humour and Laughing at Funerals

handloopsSo, the saga continues. My ex has moved on to a new person, who happens to be someone we were both quite close to.

They have been hanging out at all the same places I used to go with him. I was having quite the pity party with myself until I found out that his new favourite TV show is...WIFE SWAP!

That's right folks - TV really does give you some strange ideas. At that point I just started laughing and laughing like the kid in the picture, because I realised how precious life is and how much I just needed to let it all go...

So - have you ever heard of Voltaire's wonderful quote, 'God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh?' Do you laugh when you are stressed? Do you bring out the dad jokes when you've had a drink or two?

Well you probably have a loop of humour - it's a U turn type formation between your pinky and ring fingers. The bigger the loop, the more likely you are to laugh at a funeral! (I've had this verified by many clients) Please don't mix this up with the loop of vanity - see pic - that is more to do with a sense of style and design.

People with a loop of humour love practical jokes, and if you have one of these markings I guarantee most of your friends will too. If you don't have one, don't fret, you probably just have a more sophisticated sense of humour than the rest of us!!

Some people also believe that a loop of humour increases your desire to own your own business and to retire's important that you choose a career based on passion or you will burn out! Interestingly I've also found that people with this marking are good at working with the young and old...they have a fresh perspective on life and death that makes them great company. 

P.S. I found this truly amazing website that links palmistry to the Bible. If you are into palmistry it's worth checking out, even if you are not religious. It's

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Deb on Tuesday, 24 May 2016 11:42 AM
I have been amazed by repeat numbers for at least 30 years. I remember always saying "look, it's the favorite time, 11:11". I also see 2:22 and 3:33 and smile and tell myself it's the Angels talking to me. I am a number 22. April 20, 1951. I have had a few readings in my life. Have always been told I have psychic and healing powers. I do massage for a living and am I tuned to the power of source. Grateful for the energy and wisdom I have access to. I do feel stuck in life. I feel change is coming. Just not sure which way to turn. Somehow I am excited about finding your site. Thank you for the info you have available on your site. Maybe we will connect somehow. Deb
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