Weight Loss and You - Why the Baggage? Five Ways to Heal Your Vision
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Weight Loss and You - Why the Baggage? Five Ways to Heal Your Vision

Happy New Year to all my amazing readers (that's you!) Thank you for all your support. This post is for anyone who has ever set a New Year's resolution to lose weight. 

As someone who's had an eating issue I have great compassion for you. From experience, I know that you see what you look for. 

Body-image issues can be a sign that your third eye chakra is blocked (see this related article on water). 

Your third eye corresponds to the pineal gland in your brain, which allows you to see 'the big picture'. It gives you higher vision so that you understand the consequences of your behaviour. When in balance, this chakra enables you to notice beauty in everything. You become a messenger of love through thought. This the message of events such as 11.11 on clocks and the 21.12.2012 cosmic shift

Here are five ways to heal your vision of yourself...

1) Please understand that, whatever you weigh or look like, you are good enough and you deserve love. No ifs, buts or maybes. How do I know this? Well, take a breath - did you succeed? If so - then congratulations, Earth still loves you. Our planet rewards us for getting up each day by providing a delicious feast of oxygen, sunlight and ground to walk on. Every breath you take is an internal hug from the Universe. It feels good, huh?

2) Love heals. Fear blocks. If you find a loving reason to eat well and get fit, you're more likely to attain a healthy weight and keep it. Your motivation could be anything from wanting to carry your grandchildren when you're 80, to dancing with your partner again or being alive long enough to write your family history. 

If you starve or exercise yourself out of fear that you're ugly or not good enough, eventually you'll give up and go into depression, because fear is like mud in a drainpipe. It blocks our energy and leaves us too tired to go on. This feedback is the Universe's way of teaching us to create from our hearts, not our heads.    

3) Ask yourself, why the baggage? What am I holding on to? Physical weight is simply energy you are carrying from place to place. Let me explain this using the analogy of a bus trip.

When you're packing for a trip, you bring what you think you'll need. We pack more for cold weather and long trips, because we're expecting harsher conditions. Think of a squirrel storing acorns. Piling on weight can be a sign that you're expecting tough times ahead, and don't want to be 'caught out'. 

The challenge is, all the weight in the world cannot protect you from your fear of the future. If you really want to feel safe again, practice breathing and being in your body. Your body is your true home, and your voice is your greatest security guard. It takes confidence to stay healthy. Learn to say NO to your inner and outer critics, and your confidence will come back faster than you can blink. 

Paul Fenton Smith mentions in his excellent book, Intuition, that kinaesthetic people often eat to 'stay in touch' with their bodies and that massages, and baths etc. can help you find other ways to feel present again. 

4) Another suggestion is to review how old you were when you gained weight. What was happening at the time? Were you in a conflict situation where you felt you had to 'pack extra protection' (like a living bulletproof vest'? 

Weight disorders can stem from blocks in our throat (communication), sacral (emotional) and solar plexus (personal power) chakras. Think of Homer Simpson with his beer belly - he's so used to saying Yes to authority that he's given up on his dreams. That's why I love core-strengthening work like yoga, martial arts and pilates because they bring back a healthy sense of control. 

Our weight may plateau at a certain level (especially during dieting), because old emotions have resurfaced. At this time it can be nourishing to study or receive counselling, chakra clearing, kinesiology, family constellations or reconnective healing etc. so you can 'own and forgive' the past and keep going. 

5) Use the term 'weight loss' carefully. Your ego (or solar plexus/willpower centre) is motivated by gain, not loss. 

Our egos hate to lose anything, especially weight/ significance! Why not focus on 'gaining energy' instead? Move towards the sun instead of running from the darkness. 

It takes energy to change our lives. People with low or stuck energy stay put in stale situations. People with high, flowing energy are willing to deal with things and move on. Our digestive tracts reflect our ability to 'chew through problems, spit out what we don't like and absorb any lessons'. 

If you focus on improving your digestion and energy levels (e.g. by seeing a naturopath, Ayurvedic doctor or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner), your weight will naturally level out, and your ego won't feel like a two year who's about to lose all their toys!

To finish this blog, I'd like to extract a a little from the bus trip analogy mentioned above. 

-Everyone has paid for (or earned) their place on the bus. Your soul has been approved to come to Earth at this time and there is enough space, wealth and support for you to succeed. 

-We are all connected. If you're sick, the person next to you may catch a cold. If you play loud music the people around you must choose whether to sing along or to muffle their ears. The idea that we can do what we like without any consequences is a farce.

Everything you do impacts other people. This is fantastic because it means you can change the world for the better, everyday. Just keep choosing love!

-Each person gets off the bus at a different stop, depending on what their soul wants to experience. At a spiritual level, death is beautiful because it's only when you die that you clearly see all the people you've helped, all the growing you've done, and go 'behind the scenes' of reality. 

Death is something to look forward to. I really mean that. The sooner you learn how to 'die' (i.e. surrender to the goodness of life), the sooner you begin truly living. Read the Five People You Meet in Heaven or Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom for more on this concept.   

So, regarding weight loss - the amount of physical weight you carry reflects your trust in the journey of life. It also reflects how long you are willing to 'wait' to achieve your goals. 

Smaller people may struggle to feel 'big enough'. Perhaps they subconsciously stay small in order to keep authority figures close to them for perceived protection. Or they could be so optimistic they never plan for emergencies! They just expect the food will be there :) Or they might work to the point of exhaustion, giving and giving their energy to others instead of saving some for themselves. 

Larger people may struggle with blocked creativity. Perhaps they have many projects unfinished that want to be released. Or they may have put on weight to keep authority figures 'at bay' because of past trauma. Maybe they become bigger out of over-responsibility, to make up for the people around them drawing on their energy. Who knows?

Please note, these are my ideas and not medical opinion. Doreen Virtue has also written a great book called Constant Craving that I recommend.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. 

Happy New Year once again! 


To find out more about your health, life purpose and what's in store for you over 2014, book an in person or phone/ Skype reading with me. I'd love to meet you soon.  

Blog comments will be added once approved, to avoid spam. 

63 Comments to Weight Loss and You - Why the Baggage? Five Ways to Heal Your Vision:

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Penny on Thursday, 2 January 2014 2:00 PM
Very very insightful and interesting food for thought. Thank you angel xxx
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Minha on Monday, 6 January 2014 4:29 PM
I have understand how to weight loss hard it is to even make a start on weight loss alone sticking to a healthy diet and then the exercise routine that can be reduce my fat loss. Thanks a lot for posting this uncommon words about weight loss.
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i want to be skinny on Monday, 13 January 2014 7:13 AM
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lovisha on Wednesday, 3 September 2014 9:06 PM
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Sarah on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 5:58 PM
Hi Reggie thanks for your lovely feedback. I wish you all the best with your blog, it's a real gift to yourself to get those words out into the public! Helps you to feel so connected with others, I just love it. Thanks for your support, cheers sarah

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