Changing Careers - When's the Best Time? Brisbane Circle article
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Changing Careers - When's the Best Time? Brisbane Circle article

Hi All,

I've started a monthly psychic column in Brisbane Circle magazine. Woohoo, another childhood dream come true! I've always wanted to write for print media. Here's my February 2014 article as a blog for you...hope you enjoy it! 

0408 898 028 (SMS preferred)
Changing Careers – when’s the best time? 
You can only be faithful to others, including an employer or a spouse, if you’re faithful to yourself. That makes it vital to choose a career that gives you energy on a daily basis. It’s easy to stay put in a role in the name of financial security, but for many people the day comes when they know they must transition.

It’s at times like this that a psychic reading can help, particularly if you’re mulling over a few options with the clock ticking. A good reader never pushes you to a conclusion; they simply outline the potential consequences of your next step. It’s like being given a map to a city with the twisty streets marked - you still have to make the journey for yourself.

Before I turned professional, I worked for government, the UN and the NGO sectors. Over nine years, I slowly burned out chasing other people’s goals instead of my own. Although I loved what I did, you can only push yourself so far on adrenalin before it knocks you flat. 

When you act from fear, fear increases. When you act from love, love increases. That’s why I focus on acceptance when giving forecasts to people in the throes of a career change. You are who you are, and when you embrace that reality, you move through life at 100% speed. A fisherman who can read tides catches more fish with less effort. The same goes for knowing your personal cycles, you’ll achieve more success with less strain.

For Madison*, this advice was vital in helping her to move on. Madison knew she had to change jobs – she felt scattered and pushed around and when I read for her I saw her motivation ‘falling off a cliff like so many lemmings’. Her chart showed a highly creative pioneer who became fearful when she stopped taking risks. The longer she dithered, the less energy she’d have to make a fresh start.
Within a month of this consultation, Madison contacted me to say she’d switched companies and was extremely happy. Everything had fallen into place. As a bonus, her partner and her were more in love because she’d regained her self-confidence.
Another client Jason* felt something was missing in his career – during his session we identified that he had all the traits of a psychologist. If he followed this path, he could set himself up nicely by his 40’s. Jason is now studying Psychology part-time while keeping his day job. Although busy, he looks years younger now that he’s expressing his true self.
Psychic information isn’t magic. It comes from the one person who knows you best – you. Come and find out what your inner voice says about your career today.
Book a session or course with me, or view my other blog articles on spiritual health. You can also find me on facebook at The Numbers Queen.
Sarah Yip is a professional psychic with a background in science, government and philanthropy. She regularly appears on TV, radio and at major spiritual expos around Australia. Sarah has qualifications in Holistic Counselling and is an Affiliate Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).  

*Names and details have been changed to protect privacy. 

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Deli Antojitos on Sunday, 23 February 2014 6:55 PM
Congratulations on making reality of your childhood dream. Listening inner voice brings prosperity.
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