What 666 Really Means in Numerology - Trust Your Sixth Sense!
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What 666 Really Means in Numerology - Trust Your Sixth Sense!

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare in Hamlet.

In response to a fan request from my facebook page The Numbers Queen here is a post on the numerology meaning of 666, also known as The Number of The Beast.

Now, here is a number with a reputation. You can almost smell the fire and brimstone as you type it. If it were a person, it would surely have tattoos and a leather jacket. 

Honestly, I half expected the screen to explode when I sat down to write this article. I say this tongue in cheek, as our laptop recently died during the recent Mercury Retrograde...)

First up, let's get one thing straight. The Devil, and Hell for that matter, only exist in your head. 

Hell is not a physical place, and you're not going there because you lied on your maths exam, lost your temper or swore in public. There is nothing you can do to stop the Universe from supporting you. To prove this just walk out into the sun - notice how everyone receives the light, no matter what their 'sins'? 

Sure, there are higher and lower vibration actions you can take, which will keep you on, or distract you from, your lifepath. But you won't get roasted over coals when you pass over. 

You'll just be asked to explain yourself, and may receive coaching by your Guardian Angels. This could delay your return to a human body, but you won't actually be harmed. Read Michael Newton's book Journey of Souls for more insights. This is the book that made me believe in life after death. 

Physically speaking, everything in this Universe is made of carbon. Spiritually speaking, all things are made of love. People who accept this reality have no fear of death, evil or violence because they know they are eternal beings. You are not your thoughts, or feelings. You are a soul visiting Earth on a working holiday. At the end of your trip, you will return to where you came from, to plan the next adventure, so to speak. 

Here are the major associations for the number 666

Common theories:
-666 is a curse because it represents man's fall from grace. King Solomon is associated with 666 and it's considered a symbol of greed (read more here). 
-Writers associate 666 with the aggressive Roman Emperor Nero Caesar, as well as Babylon and idol worship (read here). All the things Christians hated! 
-According to the Bible, God created man and beasts on the 6th day. Jesus died on the 6th day (a Friday). So 6 represents grief. It's also a failure, because it's less than 7, the number of perfection (e.g. 7 days of the week).  
-Confusingly, other parts of the Bible say that 666 is the number of Jesus! More on that below (see my explanation).  

The hidden, but possibly more accurate theories:
-666 is the number of the Goddess (Ishtar, Isis, Aphrodite) and is sacred in Egyptian mythology. It's related to sex and motherhood, see this site. I wrote an article about how 13 is a Moon Goddess number, because it represents the number of Lunar months in a year. It's amazing how bad press can make sacred numbers so dirty.   
-666 is a positive, holy number in Kabbalah, and the sum of its Magic Square. It represents the Sun and the Heart chakra. 
-Like all triples, or 11:11 clock signals, 666 is an Angel Number. Doreen Virtue sees it as a sign that your thoughts are too much on the material world., Read more.

-Researchers point out that the mark of the beast is 616, not 666 in the original Greek texts. So it could be a big typo that got copied over and over again. 
-The occultist Aleister Crowley, who introduced astrology to the modern world,  called himself "The Beast 666", as a joke to annoy religious people. It was what his mother called him when he was young because he was so rebellious. 
-In Chinese, 666 is a lucky number that means flow!

Finally here's what I think 666 means in numerology, based on my work as a psychic reader...

6 is the number of Comfort, Love and Beauty. It represents the Third Eye Chakra (Sixth Sense), and being able to see beyond death into other dimensions. It's the number for astral travel, clairvoyant visions and environmentalism. It's about trusting life. 

It's also got strong associations with Venus, women and fertility (see how it has a belly/ baby in the drawing). People with 6 lifepaths or many 6's in their names and soul contracts love children, nature, animals and helping others. It's easy for them to become visionaries (think of John Lennon). Taken to the extreme, they tend to become rigid and critical, especially of their bodies. They forget that you can be right, or happy, but never both things at once. 
For me, 666 is a message to look at the big picture and not get caught up in judgements. When you can 'see' that my idea of heaven could be your idea of hell, and vice versa, you have understood the meaning of life. 

6+6+6 = 18/9, the vibration of LOVE (3+6+4+5 = 18/9), so 666 is definitely about seeing the silver lining in any situation. Read more on Love numerology

JESUS = 1+5+1+3+1 = 11 in Numerology, a Master Number signifying Illumination. BEAST - 2+5+1+1+2 = 11 in Numerology, the same as JESUS. Perhaps 666 is the number of Jesus and The Beast, because they are all made of cosmic energy?

After all, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. We are both heroes and villains at different times in our lives. There is no right or wrong, only thoughts that give you energy and others that drain you. 

How can you improve your Third Eye Chakra? By gazing at the stars, wearing indigo or purple, eating dark berries (preferably organic), listening to classical music, meditating and drinking fresh water with no fluoride (see my article on water and intuition). You also heal it by saying NO to unnecessary demands on your time, as this is a YES to your own sanity and evolution. 

So there's nothing to be afraid of, after all. 666 is simply a reminder that we see what we look for. If you want a life of good and evil, where you have to work constantly to be loved, that's fine, but also stressful. 

If you want a life of growth, then consider that everyone you meet is either giving or asking you for love. No one intentionally hurts you, they just don't know any better. To build compassion, see a sign above their head that says 'Make Me Feel Special'. This is a profound way to keep your heart, and your Third Eye open. 

Happy forgiving! And a big thanks to Rachel Lake for the blog article request. If you have more ideas for topics please comment below or message me at The Numbers Queen on facebook. 

To study numerology with me in Brisbane (it's a world of fun), book here
To have a psychic reading with me in Macgregor or over the phone please check my availability and book online. International and interstate clients are welcome.

With love

Sarah Yip
Professional Psychic
Palmistry, Numerology, Clairvoyance and Tarot
Macgregor, Brisbane, Queensland Australia
0408 898 028 (SMS preferred)
facebook: The Numbers Queen 

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23 Comments to What 666 Really Means in Numerology - Trust Your Sixth Sense!:

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Allana on Thursday, 25 September 2014 11:47 PM
Thank you so much. This means a lot to me. As I am confused about who I am and lately been feeling lost. But your article has helped me with a few pieces of my life puzzle. Thank you Sarah.
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Terri on Thursday, 12 March 2015 4:47 AM
I enjoyed your article, so many fears in this world. Biggest fear being in charge of your own destiny. Most of my family and in-laws very outspoken religious individuals I am spiritual by nature, so I live and let live which can cause fear. I have had the conversation of the 666 all I can do is just chuckle, I will not offend anyone so they are given due respect, and references to read or disregard.
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Erin C Davis on Tuesday, 29 September 2015 12:57 PM
I see 666 a lot and Im in a very horribkr depression..I was beginning to get very scared until I read this. Please send me more information as Im actually brginning to bekieve Im an empath. Thank you.

Jasmine on Sunday, 22 March 2015 7:16 PM
Thanks for clarifying this Sarah. Funny today I typed 66.60 on an invoice and changed fit it to 66.59 based on what I thought it meant! I'll go change it back! ;) xx
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Cheryl on Friday, 5 June 2015 2:10 PM
Thank you so much!! I received my hard tags today for my overdue brand new car and the numbers were 6669..wow so much has happened in the last few years and I immediately did not want this tag(ged) on me. But I except it now!
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Sarah Yip on Friday, 24 July 2015 2:39 AM
Thanks for sharing Cheryl! Clearly you followed the Angel prompt to open your 6th chakra/ mind...when we see the humour and positives in a situation it does make it easier to stay in our power :) You could also have strong 6 energy - check out http://www.sarahyip.com/Find-Your-Lifepath.html

Elaine on Thursday, 23 July 2015 3:23 PM
This is helpful to me. Right now im 6 months pregnant and the man who i created this life with cheated and left me. i actually saw this number the night i find out, right before i got home... I feel like a fool (grief and failure) My mom keeps telling me to be positive and grateful for my son and also to try to find peace as to not upset him while hes still inside me but its difficult. Im still hurting and angry over losing what we were suppossed to be and how he lied to me. Lately i keep seeing this number, all day long for days its been showing up. Maybe it has to do with motherhood, maybe im to worried about meterialistic things like how am i going to be able to support my baby on my own now. Maybe its because im angry and cant forgive him. Hell maybe its because im a libra and venus is associated with aphrodite. Im going to keep working to be happy but at the very least im not going to let this number stress me out anymore when i see it.
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Sarah Yip on Friday, 24 July 2015 2:38 AM
Thanks for writing in Elaine. I can relate to your story in some ways - see http://www.sarahyip.com/blog/2013/09/06/The-Karma-of-Having-an-Affair-Faithfulness-starts-with-You.aspx I encourage you to look up your lifepath and personal year here: http://www.sarahyip.com/Find-Your-Lifepath.html Perhaps you have strong 6's or your baby does. 6 is about healing the Third Eye Chakra, when you have an open sixth sense you can see why things have happened, including past life connections etc. It makes it alot easier to forgive yourself and others. Best wishes on your healing journey. If you'd like to receive articles on self-healing and numerology feel free to join my newsletter list (see homepage). Take care.

Engelina on Monday, 26 October 2015 1:57 PM
I just woke up 03:33 when i looked at my midnight clock, again 33 and 66 i saw 666 alit of times and finally ive got the right explanation , glad the angels want to help me . Wearing pirple listening to classical music wete always two things i liked, no coincidence !!
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Nathalie on Wednesday, 18 November 2015 4:40 AM
Thanks for interesting article. I checked as my tween & friend were scared as seen 666. V.interesting as is re 11 being both Jesus & Beast. I know it is spiritual number & see it a lot. Didn't realise also Beast/devil as well as is the goddess Isis. Thoughts are with Paris at moment.
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shaz on Sunday, 17 January 2016 10:13 AM
Thank you...ive been seeing 666 everywhere recently. Im not spiritalist or christian or anything really. But i was starting to get worried. I can now see thanks to your message that it maybe a sign that i need to stop fighting for my relationship. He never helps me or helps look after his son nevr done a night feed or anything just hangs out with hisbfreinds and lets me do everything even if i cry or get upset. Think someone is trying to tell me to stop fighting to get love from him and move on. Thank you again. Never would have come to this conclusion without you. I just thoughr the devil was coming for me haha x
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Anonymous on Wednesday, 27 January 2016 2:35 PM
thank you so much......needed that greatly.....perhaps we a6rent alone lo6ve 6trust p1eace
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Lee on Monday, 7 March 2016 2:12 PM
Hi Sarah! Glad to read your article, as I was born on the 6th of the 6th in the 60's! My life path is 11, so I sometimes wonder what it all means! Lately , I'm seeing lots of 11:11s 33s 44s 55s etc. Probably a sign of the times! Regards, Lee
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Mario Feather on Monday, 25 April 2016 6:50 PM
Thank You so much You helped me.Now i see something is going on i started to see the number 666 and then i started to get visions and all that.And yes You described me both my name contain 6 letters and also my destiny number is 11
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Steve on Wednesday, 27 April 2016 3:19 PM
HI, I see the number 666 everyday without fail and usually within the hour I get out of bed. The number seems negative to me as I think it is spooky seeing it so often. How do I start to see it as a positive thing? Thanks Steve
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Ethel lane on Thursday, 12 May 2016 7:50 PM
I don't think you are right..you need to read a bible...hell is real.I don't think you know what your taking anout.ppl read tour bible. You know when end of time comes you will be called out one by one.according to your work you have done f or the Lord and what kind person you were...don't be fooled by ppl...open your eyes look around. .time is near
Reply to comment
Sarah Yip on Saturday, 24 September 2016 1:48 AM
Hi Ethel, thanks for your comment. I wrote this post for people like you who have the painful belief system that part of them is unworthy of unconditional love. As you would see if you looked at the rest of my site, I was raised Christian, have read the Bible and make a living talking directly with Spirit. Hundreds of experiences have confirmed for me that we live in a forgiving Universe, not the divided conflict zone some people would have us believe. Bless you on your path and thanks for at least being honest.

Jason Matthews on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 4:07 AM
Thank you for this, Sarah. Makes me feel a lot better after seeing this number popping up a couple of times in a row and wondering if my thoughts are out of whack or worse! Breathing easier now :)
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Sarah on Saturday, 24 September 2016 1:50 AM
Thanks Jason! Did you know your name means healer? Sounds like a bit of meditation and mental clearing would help you regain balance. Keep breathing - it opens the heart :) When you are in your body, love is possible. When you are in your head, love is impossible. Best wishes, Sarah

Dimitri on Monday, 30 May 2016 6:36 AM
I feel much better and much happier...:)
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Bhuvana on Tuesday, 23 August 2016 11:25 PM
Hi, Thanks for sharing this nice information as i was looking for the same.Now I'd visit your blog for the newer update. Bhuvana
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Lauren on Thursday, 6 October 2016 2:11 AM
It is only 9am and I have already seen "666" 3 times. I am a firm believer in signs from the universe, so I decided to see what it represented in "Angel Numbers", and then I came across this article. I have had a pretty negative mindset lately pertaining to excessive weight gain over the last year as well as taking my bosses seemingly perpetual bad mood to heart. Reading this article made me decide that it was time to change my mindset and start living in a way that made me feel fulfilled. Thank you for this article, you have helped me back onto my personal path to enlightenment starting with today. Love and light to you!
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lesleyann on Friday, 7 October 2016 5:49 PM
Hello Sara, I have just read your article and its told me what I've suspected for years, that 666 is a number of great importance, and has been distorted over time. Thankyou so much for the insights. Love and light, lesleyann. X 😊
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