The Metaphysics of Money - How To Make Millions From Love, Not Fear
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The Metaphysics of Money - How To Make Millions From Love, Not Fear

Sarah Yip Psychic Metaphysics of MoneyOver the past decade, I've had many potential clients say to me 'I would love a reading but I don't have the money'. This article is dedicated to you.

I am happy to share what I know about money, because I believe that abundance is your birthright. So is knowing your life purpose. Find your lifepath here. 

Before I became a fulltime psychic, I used to raise money for charity. Large sums of money. Over 2007-2011, I co-managed over 100 campaigns that brought in millions of dollars in income for causes such as cancer research, disaster relief and animal welfare. So I know that money can be a force for good. 

One of my jobs was to keep phone callers inspired to keep asking for donations, despite the constant rejections they faced.  It soon became obvious that the callers with consistently high results had more positive money beliefs than those who struggled. 

Successful fundraisers focused on the cause, not the dollars. You felt the passion in their voices, and this is why people gave them credit card details within minutes of picking up their phones. 

If your baby was stuck under a car, you would move Heaven and Earth to lift it off her, right? Well, when you have an emotionally powerful reason to raise money (e.g. you need food for your family), you always find a way to create it. So a lack of money now reveals more about your perceived need for it rather than an actual lack of banknotes in the world.

I may not be a physical millionaire yet, but I have read for clients with $5.00 to $100 million in assets and learned from all of them. 
Right now, you could offer me a million dollars to buy my psychic ability and I would turn you down. So I already feel wealthy on the inside, and my growing business reflects this attitude.  

Here are 10 tips to manifest wealth AND money, from a place of love not fear (For me wealth is the feeling, and money is the result):

1. Delete your vows of poverty. Money goes to people with high self-worth, who believe they are an excellent investment. Many healers and psychics made a promise to remain poor in past lives. These vows remain in place for lifetime after lifetime until you remove them. Meditations I recommend are The Soul of Wealth and Getting Into The Vortex (the Abundance track). 

You can also use Family Constellations or Kinesiology to remove any family blocks to success. Children often under perform financially as a sign of 'loyalty' to their parents. These issues can be resolved through subconscious therapies that bypass the mind. 

2. Exercise (your power). If you were going to hire someone for a job, you'd choose a healthy person over a sick one, right? Well, the Universe is the same. It only gives you what you can handle. Money is energy, and like attracts like. Keeping yourself in good shape shows those around you that you've got energy to spare! Going for a daily walk outside, eating the best food you can afford (see step 3) and getting sunshine is vital to raising your vibration. 

3. Eat organic and/ or fresh food. I don't apologise for being a greenie (after all, my degree is in Environmental Science). This planet needs healing, and those who respect it tend to prosper. 

What price life? Imagine if, on the last day of your journey, an Angel walked around the hospital auctioning off 24 hours to the highest bidder. What would you pay for that? Most people would sell their house for sure. 

Having worked in the cancer prevention industry, I know that each case of cancer can cost $50-100 000 in lost income and medical bills. That's a lot of organic food, spring water and environmentally friendly products! I would rather give my cash to a local grower than to a doctor. How about you? 

You eat what you think you are worth. If you want to make more money, buy better quality food. Baby steps are fine - perhaps start with organic free range eggs, then move onto broccoli, spinach and apples for example. These products are traditionally sprayed with chemicals and taste much better organic.     

Even better - grow your own food, join an organic farm, or go to community markets. Buy from local cafes instead of fast food chains. Food made with love will give you more energy, and is better value. How can you truly enjoy money, if it comes from other people's enslavement? 

4. Save 10% of everything you earn. This tip really works. It keeps you feeling abundant and grateful for the money flowing through your bank account. I thank psychic Cimone-Louise for reminding me of this step when I was in a lull. 

5.Keep $50 in your wallet at all times. If you have to spend it, replace it within 24 hours. For faster money attraction, make this $500 or $1000. You're less likely to overspend when you feel rich.

6. Donate money or volunteer. In a society where having money is seen as evil, it's heartwarming to use money for a positive purpose. Make a regular gift to a charity, or give a few hours to those in need. This keeps the 'chase for money' in perspective and introduces you to people who know there's more to life than work. 

7. Bless your bills. I'm serious. A bill is a sign of goodwill - it means that a company or person has 'lent you money' in good faith that you will pay them back. If you want people to pay you on time, then pay your bills promptly. 

In an emergency situation (e.g. when you've run out of money) pay and feed yourself first (see 3. and 4.)Then contact your creditors and be upfront. They are often willing to organise a payment plan with you.

8. Keep a diary of the good things in your life. I not only write a to-do list each day, I write a 'done' list of the miracles that have appeared (see my article on daily manifestation).

Money is a frequency. Just like a radio, you can only receive it if you tune into the right station (Esther and Jerry Hicks talk about this concept). Say thank you to yourself, others and Spirit as often as possible. Grateful people attract money, because people are delighted to help them out. 

Here's an exercise - quickly list 10 things you are grateful for in life. If you can do this in two minutes or less, you're in a state of joy. If you can't find 10 things, it may show you're stressed and attracting friction instead of flow. Please take some time out to meditate and reflect on what IS working for you. After all, what you focus on, expands. 

9. Make sure you are living your life purpose (lifepath) and planning ahead. The Universe does not reward us for staying in a thankless job or loveless marriage. Why should it? That would just encourage you to suffer even longer. 

You must be faithful to yourself to attract faithfulness from others (including money). When you stay on track in life, money and soulmates will appear right on time. It's like a Super Mario computer game - hit the right boxes and gold coins fall from the sky. It pays to know your Personal Year in numerology so you can push harder when the time is right. Find your forecast here. 

Written goals also help. I raised more in fundraising when I had targets. Money goes to the person with the best plan for it. Write down the true cost of your career change/ holiday/ study to spark spark your logical mind into 'money-hunting' mode.

10. Forgive those who have hurt you. Your money centre is your relationships zone. Blocks here will stop help from reaching you.

Look at healing your Sacral (Water and Emotional) Chakra, which includes your reproductive and elimination systems. Write to those you have hurt and make amends. Take up a creative hobby. Cry.

Paint. Dance. Grow plants. Sing. Chant. Cook. Swim at the beach. Meet friends. Read The Artist's Way. Recover a sense of pleasure. Get your spine fixed to remove physical obstacles to healing. Use Abund Essence (it worked for me!)

People with money problems have trust issues, often stemming from childhood. They don't let others in, for fear of getting hurt. This creates a vicious cycle of scepticism and betrayal. It is worth getting counselling to escape the rut.

You need to learn to let go and let God. The minute I started thanking Spirit, instead of seeking approval, my bank balance (and life) went up exponentially. Here's my morning prayer 'Dear Spirit, I look forward to working with you today. I give all credit to you and simply wish to serve. Please keep me in my life purpose. I give and receive only love. Amen.'

As someone who used to starve themselves rather than ask for comfort, I know what it feels like to lose hope. But there is help out there, I promise. 

I still remember the night I sprained my ankle in Thailand. I had twenty cents in my wallet and had to limp home because I couldn't afford $5 for a taxi. That experience left me determined to make friends with money again. I started researching money and spirituality from that point forwards. 

A big lesson I learned was that you become who and what you surround yourself with. Choose abundant, loving friends and teachers. Someone who has found their soul tribe doesn't worry about money. They just borrow it or call in a favour. Their innocence attracts infinite blessings. Read more on inner child healing. 

In conclusion, money helps us to learn about giving and receiving. It's an educational tool. The way you are with money, is the way you are with life, food, relationships and time. 

Those who keep asking, often receive. Don't believe me? Test it for yourself. Everything is connected. Your prayers are always heard. 

Using numerology, MONEY = 4+6+5+5+7 = 27/9, the same vibration as the words LEADER and SCHOOL. You can create money easily, just by taking charge of your finances and studying the metaphysical laws that govern it. 

Nothing gets in the way of you having money except your vibration (and sometimes, a little patience!)

As long as the sun shines on your face, the air flows through your lungs and the ground supports your weight, you belong here and Spirit loves you. Money is just another way that love shows up.  

Please, share this article with anyone who you think may benefit.

You can also write to me with feedback or questions on my facebook page The Numbers Queen. Please post to the timeline.

Even better, book in for a reading (in-person, phone or email) or come and study with me

With best wishes,
Sarah Yip
Palmist & Numerologist
All Sessions include a 6 or 12 Month Tarot Card Reading. 
0408 898 028 (SMS preferred)

All articles on this blog are copyrighted. Content may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. Comments made below will be reviewed before they appear online. 

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Kate on Wednesday, 8 October 2014 12:53 AM
Hi Sarah For our meditation class tonight the theme was "abundance" I read this blog out to the girls and we had some really wonderful and interesting comments as I was reading through it. I also created a little project for us as well. Instead of doing a "Vision Board" we made a "Vision/Dream Money Tin" We are decorating a money tin with pictures of what we want to manifest. Their tins have to be sealed and they are putting a date on the tin and they can't open it before then. It was a wonderful night and I just want to say thank you for sharing. Your an inspiration. Some of the girls have already meet you or know of you and we would like to know when you are having your chat at the Red Tent. We would love to join you then. Kate xx (Kath Denning) Big Kisses and cuddles to you
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Indian Share Market Tips on Saturday, 9 May 2015 7:30 PM
Successful fundraisers focused on the cause, not the dollars. You felt the passion in their voices, and this is why people gave them credit card details within minutes of picking up their phones.Your writing has impressed me. It’s simple, clear and precise. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Regards and good luck

Jaylyn Pilates on Saturday, 27 August 2016 12:59 AM
Hello there I would just like to say that I did enjoy reading your blog and to wish you good luck with it in the coming years - Jaylyn Pilates

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This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to come here! Thanks for sharing the information with us on making money.
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Paint Company in India on Thursday, 9 April 2015 7:14 PM
Sarah you are doing a tremendous service to the society. Many Almighty bless you and fulfill all your wishes.
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Money has the whole of its truth in being a symbol of the soul's adherence to the good. It is meant, above all, to be a 'reminder'.Nice
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These are really Brilliant tips which I was seeking for a long time. Especially "Save 10% of everything you earn" is one of the best tips among all types. Thank you so much for sharing important tips with us.
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James Morison on Monday, 13 June 2016 5:19 PM
Hay Sarah, great blog post. I would like to thank you for this unique perspective you have. For the past couple of year i am trying really hard in order to increase my wealth but now know whats holding me back. I will take your advice as inspiration and will move on.
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Money has the whole of its truth in being a symbol of the soul's adherence to the good. It is meant, above all, to be a 'reminder'.Nice
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scotscatholic on Tuesday, 13 September 2016 8:33 PM
This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to come here! Thanks for sharing the information with us on making money.
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nsongd on Tuesday, 20 September 2016 1:10 AM
making money with love is very good concept, if we love our work automatically money comes.
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Developing Business Strategies on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 5:14 AM
I am so satisfied finding this blog and I have to admit that all information stated here is really useful. I hope that youwill continue to post such great posts like this one in the future. Thanks a lot again.
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