11:11 You Come From Heaven - Why You See 11:11 On Clocks Updated
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11:11 You Come From Heaven - Why You See 11:11 On Clocks Updated

11:11 is a reminder that you come from Heaven. All souls are equal and Spirit makes no distinction between us in the afterlife. The number 11 even looks like an equals sign when turned on its side.

Every person you meet today has chosen to come to Earth to evolve and to learn about oneness. 

Please, see the light in yourself and others as you go about your special mission. Find your lifepath. 

This world needs more people to stand up for each other. 

See how the one's are side by side in solidarity? Each time you see 11:11, stop and feel the rays of love seeking to reach you.

Ask out loud for guidance to stay on your path. Ask for a miracle for yourself, and the world. Know that you are ready to manifest your desires on a grander scale. 

There are no limits to what can be done when you work with the Divine. We are each 1% bodies and 99% Spirit. Imagine what you could achieve if there were 99 more 'yous' on the planet!!

WHITE LIGHT reduces to 11:11 in numerology, and this is what you are truly made of. Seeing 11:11 indicates that you have master numerology such as 11, 22 or 33 in your soul contract.

These give you double blessings and responsibility in certain areas of life (leadership, relationships and creative expression). You'll often be a late bloomer as a result.

Please read my 11:11 Clocks page or join my master numbers page on facebook (Lifepath 11) for more guidance on fulfilling your incredible potential.

You can also ask questions on my community facebook page The Numbers Queen. Posting to the timeline is best. 

Feel free to book in for a reading (in-person, phone or email) or come and study with me. Or come to my Demo Day on 29 November - bookings are now open. I also run a beginners kirtan group in Brisbane with mantra meditation.

With best wishes,
Sarah Yip (a 29/11 lifepath & master numbers coach)
Palmist & Numerologist
All Sessions include a 6 or 12 Month Tarot Card Reading. 
0408 898 028 (SMS preferred)

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1 Comment to 11:11 You Come From Heaven - Why You See 11:11 On Clocks Updated:

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terence campbell on Thursday, 25 August 2016 1:10 AM
Thank you for the continuing updates about the 11:11 issue..I've been following you for quite some time and it would appear your knowledge of the numbers has been growing deeper and with more insights to share..My personal 11:11 story and life for that matter are so unbelievable to most I can't yet bring myself to discuss it publically. It's still ongoing and I've been thinking eventually the time will come when I will need to share my own personal 11:11 story In your latest update i read a word that has haunted me since childhood in regards to all the experiences I've had. I feel a very deep sense of responsibility as if I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders most of the time.I'm always wondering how it is that I can create a way to allow my experiences to help others. I have come to believe that it will unfold and become clear as time goes on. I seem to be one of those "late-bloomers" as well.It also appears that "spirit" uses all of us in a grand scheme that is very difficult to wrap our minds around.I think there is something each of us is suppose to be..something we are meant to realize and then manifest that realization into taking our place in that grand scheme I mentioned.I think it's all predestined as well and the 11:11 may be reminding of us of that fact so we do not allow the fires of adversity to cause us too much despair when we find ourselves on that lowest level of the wheel of life. We have to acquire "experiences" and "learn to remove the log from our own eye so that we can see clearly how to remove the speck from our brother or sister's eye".That process is not an easy one and the fire of adversity stings a bit after awhile but I can assure anyone reading this that the end product refined by the fire of adversity is well worth all the pain. Much like the description of childbirth and how the pain all quickly fades when the baby arrives. In science fire purifies and the same is true with adversity. We want comfort and blessings and it's very hard to see any blessings when we are not comfortable and stcuk at the bottom of that wheel of life but I can assure anyone reading, adversity is a great blessing and that wheel of life keeps turning. Eventually we will find our way to the top levels of that wheel because we kept going when we was down like "a strong man running a race". Reaching the top levels of the wheel, after feeling the pain and suffering of the bottom, makes us appreciate every little blessing thereafter. We are able to assume our place in life seeing clearly to help remove that speck from our brother's and sister's eye and feeling sooo blessed we were finally able to remove that great big log from our own. I used to believe that my faith would cause "spirit" and the Angel's to bring a miracle and that very difficult thing I faced would magically create itself or fix itself or somehow be done for me. But no no no that's not the message of 11:11. WE have the power to choose and the numbers are the angels way of encouraging us to choose correctly and persevere and to guide us to our life's purpose. BUT, the angels and 'Spirit" allow us to choose what we want to create. Our thoughts can become real. We can choose to fear and to "temporarily make our beds in hell" but if so the numbers are there to help us understand that even if we choose that bed in hell, "spirit" is closer than our "hands, our feet, and our breath".Finally, realizing the power of our thoughts we start creating that which we think about and clearly can see with our mind's eye. We learn to be mindful of fearful and negative thoughts and the motives behind our desires. Eventually we learn to "choose the good and deny the evil" and start to create our reality based on that knowledge.We learn that the miracle is in the process and in the final product we become and what we learn to create. We must choose and we must do the work and eventually we all bear the furit. That is our devine purpose and our bestowed mission that 11:11 is there to remind us of. I hope somebody is able to pick up a little of what I have put down.
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