Palmistry and Numerology for Dan Millman, Inspirational Author and 26/8 Lifepath
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Palmistry and Numerology for Dan Millman, Inspirational Author and 26/8 Lifepath

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic and Dan Millman Author in Brisbane 2015"Sometimes I'm an illumined guy, and sometimes I act like a jackass." Dan Millman (in an interview with Spiritual Endeavors)

Of the 120 posts I've written, this was the hardest and most exhilarating. Why? Because it's about Dan Millman, the inspirational author of 17 books, which have changed millions of people's lives.

My partner Kris and I are long-time fans. His book The Life You Were Born to Live inspired me to take up numerology at 29. This was perfect, as I am a 29/11 lifepath* - even the word NUMBERS adds to 29/11. Intriguingly, Dan began studying numerology in 1984-1985, as he entered a 9 Year Cycle and an 11 Personal Year

*Your lifepath age is often a turning point or 'coming of age' year (thanks for the tip Max Coppa - your books have helped me too). 

My first business cards featured Dan's/ Socrates' quote "There are no ordinary moments", and since 2010 I've introduced thousands of people to his work. Find your lifepath here or check out Dan's life purpose calculator

The day I read Dan's book was the day my life took off. There I was, reading The Life You Were Born To Live at The Relaxation Centre, when an acquaintance appeared from nowhere and bought it for me. Since then, I've experienced countless synchronicities (including 11:11 sightings) that have convinced me 'we are always provided for'. 

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior was also a catalyst for Kris's spiritual journey. So we were elated to meet Dan at his Body Mind Mastery training in Brisbane (cheers to YogaNRG for hosting this!) 

"There's only one thing you need to do today - open your eyes and sit up - unless you sleep sitting up. Then put your feet on the life has become very simple since I realised I can only do one thing at a time." (paraphrased from Dan's TEDxBerkeley talk)

Dan is a profound and funny teacher. His introduction was "Hello I'm Dan Millman. As you can see, I like to travel in my short body - it leaves me more leg room on the plane - lucky there's a stage". He then did a handstand on the arm of a chair before quipping "I've just turned 69". Cue applause and some serious crowd respect.  

Spending a day in Dan's presence was a gift. He attracted a high vibration crowd and is quirkily modest. A former world champion athlete, Dan's entire being transmits faith and courage.  Not only did we learn to break boards with our bare hands, we walked out with an incredible desire to succeed - or at the very least, breathe. 

"Somebody came up to me after a talk and said 'I feel so inspired'. I said 'don't worry, it will pass'...Motivation rises and falls. The question remains - what will we do?"

Dan's advice is oh-so-practical. "You are not responsible for your thoughts or feelings (they can't be controlled, only influenced). You are responsible for your behaviour." 

That hit me in the heart - since his talk, I've stopped worrying about 'getting into the right mindset' and constantly processing my feelings - I just get off my butt and do what needs to be done. The day after his workshop, I started exercising (my power) again. I've returned to Kundalini Yoga Gold Coast and pilates at The Living Well Studio, which I adore. Read more on Kundalini Yoga.

This quote from Dan has helped me a lot: "When you get up tomorrow morning, do one jumping jack...and the day after that do one jumping the end of 30 days when someone asks 'do you have a regular exercise regime?', you can say 'yes!' The second month, you can do two jumping jacks...a little of something is better than a lot of nothing."

Dan MIllman is proof that if you care for your body, age is just a number. So I was beyond delighted when he allowed me to examine his hands for this article. 

Dan Millman's Palmistry
What do Dan Millman's hands say about him? Here's an overview. I normally do 90 minute readings so this is a whistle stop tour!

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Dan Millman Palmistry Hands

1) Squared, fleshy, pink palms suggest a practical, energetic nature. This is supported by his developed Venus mount (the pad around his thumb, encircled by the Life Line). A good sized Venus mount gives Dan stamina, grace and warmth - this area is associated with our libido and creativity, among other qualities. 

2) Dan's thumbs are strong and well-proportioned, indicating a grip on reality and action focus. His Apollo Finger (Ring) is longer than his Jupiter Finger (Index), which is normal in males (it relates to testosterone) and can suggest someone who's more stable from their mid-life. I could not read his fingerprints easily as they were faded from gymnastics. If he wasn't an athlete I'd suspect fatigue. 

3) Dan's Life Line (Root/ Sacral Chakras) crosses the middle of his hand, with a swing to his Luna mount (opposite the Venus mount, on the Pinky Finger side) especially from his 50's and 60's. This suggests a restless, travel-loving nature especially in his later years. 

4) Dan's Head Line (Solar Plexus Chakra) is unusual in that it appears to start at about 10-12 years of age in his right (writing/ Active) hand. This can suggest someone who was finishing up business in other dimensions/ lifetimes as a child. The darker areas around 37-40 and 45-50 suggest major changes in mindset.

5) Dan's Head Line ends in a Writer's Fork, no surprise given his creative output. When I read his hands (see action shot below), I said 'you definitely found the right career!'

6) Dan has a straight Heart Line (Heart Chakra), giving him objectivity and managing skills. Someone with a straight Heart Line keeps their feelings inside and is humanitarian. It takes years for them to trust and include someone in their inner circle.

This formation is more Eastern than Western and emphasises long-term partnerships (Dan has been married to his wife Joy for 39 years). A slight Girdle of Venus could explain Dan's psychic sensitivity and vivid meditative experiences. 

7) Dan's Fate Line (Crown Chakra) changes radically between 35-40 years old (after it meets his Head Line). This shows a new career coming in. The line goes up to his Jupiter Finger (Index) suggesting continued success in the education, leadership and spiritual fields. 

Dan Millman's Numerology 
It's nerve-wracking for me to write about Dan's numbers, given that he's one of my teachers, but here we go. 

Dan was born on 22 February 1946, which gives him a (2+2+2+1+9+4+6) or 26/8 lifepath in numerology. There are around 37 possible lifepaths walking around the planet right now. Funnily enough, Dan and my mother share a lifepath (and are tough-as-nails survivors). 

"Are we really here for easy? I don't think so." 

Dan has written about 26/8 lifepaths in The Life You Were Born to Live. Rather than repeat his wisdom, here is my additional take on the 26/8 soul contract. I call it the 'Power Through People' lifepath, because it's all about long-term relationships and sharing.  

Words such as FAITH (6+1+9+2+8), RICE and CHINA add up to 26/8 (see the system I've used). I believe that a 26/8 lifepath is about 'faithing it til you make it'*. It's chosen by Souls who want to teach themselves, and others, about the value of commitment. They often have a wide network of friends and family, who help them to accomplish their goals.  

26/8's often have a connection to Asia or Asians. In Dan's case, he is an expert in martial arts, including Karate, Aikido and Filipino knife fighting. *The motto for one of his personal development courses was 'The thrusting knife teaches trusting life.'

The 26/8 lifepath demands great sacrifice, as its bearer must master 2 energy (the Sacral Chakra - seat of emotions and fear), 6 energy (the Third Eye Chakra - sixth sense, open-mindedness and thinking for oneself) and 8 energy (the Karmic Pattern Chakra) to succeed. The 8th Chakra is about breaking addictive patterns and greed, which can be a lifelong task. 

I mentioned that our lifepath age is often a turning point. In August 1972, at age 26, Dan joined Oberlin College. Here, he created courses like Psycho-Physical Development and Way of the Peaceful Warrior. A year later, he received a grant which enabled him to travel around the world studying martial arts and yoga systems. He also separated from his wife Linda around this time, which spurred further maturity and soul-seeking. 

Here are some other famous 26/8 lifepaths: Michelangelo (6 March 1475), Aretha Franklin (25 March 1942), Picasso (25 October, 1881) and Jean-Claude Van Damme (18 October, 1960). Terry Hansen from the 97.3FM Breakfast Show (which I speak on) is also a 26/8. 

Lifepath 8's are natural leaders, who leave a legacy and create the space for others to flourish. After all, 8 looks like the infinity or eternity symbol on it's side. 8's instinctively understand that, like their symbol, 'what goes around comes around'. 

Karma adds to 17/8, as does God (or Good Orderly Direction, as Julia Cameron puts it). 8 symbolises 'as above, so below'. It invites us to balance our material and spiritual worlds, through patience. Hence the Japanese saying 'fall seven times and stand up eight'.

Unlike Master Number 11 or 22 lifepaths, who benefit hugely from the Law of Attraction, lifepath 8's rarely expect or receive a free lunch. They're here on a different mission. That said, because Dan was born on a Master 22 day, he has qualities of a 22 lifepath, such as high co-ordination and a practical yet visionary nature. The triple 2's in his date of birth give him sensitivity, charm and flow. His name is also extraordinary in many ways.

DANIEL JAY MILLMAN adds to 65/11, or a Master Number 11 Destiny, known as the Spiritual Messenger. 65/11 is the vibration of words such as ENLIGHTENMENT. Interestingly, Dan wrote his book The Four Purposes of Life at age 65. Your name reflects 'how your make a name for yourself' and influences your career (this is my experience as a psychic in Brisbane - there are other theories). Dan was always going to be drawn to the spotlight and working with VIPs or personal growth experts. He's a channel for wisdom. 

"There is no such thing as future happiness. You're either happy now or you're not." 

Master Number 11 is associated with 'inner conflict that leads us to oneness', a recurring theme in books such as The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. 11 also represents teachers who grow teachers (see how the 1's are the same height?) and Aquarian or Uranus energy. Did you know that Berkeley (Dan's home university) adds to 11? Read more.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Kieron Dan MillmanMany people with 11 numerology (as a lifepath, name or in their charts) see 11:11 on clocks or repeating number sequences, especially at start or end of their 9 Year Cycles. This is a spiritual wake up call. Some people relate it to Starseeds, i.e. those who've come to help humans upgrade their consciousness. I see 11:11 as an invitation to 'stand up and be counted'. It can also represent past life healing (Dan believes in past lives). 

I met Kieron at Dan's workshop - check out his shirt! I wish I had asked Dan if he sees number sequences. Maybe next time. 

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Dan Millman BooksDan's known name of DAN MILLMAN adds to 39/12/3, the vibration of words like FREEDOM, NEW YORK and BUTTERFLY. A 39/12/3 Destiny suggests a career in communication, that heals the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of our personal power, ego and imagination. It blesses writers, artists, speakers and travellers. As mentioned above, Dan also has a writer's fork in his hands.

"Your story is your treasure...your life is a novel being written." 

For brevity, I have not explored Dan's pinnacles or challenges -these show the chakras or systems he was healing at certain ages. For an idea of this system see Deva Premal's numerology.  

From February 2015, Dan is in a (2+2+2+2+0+1+5) or 5 Personal Year of Risk and Change. This is the halfway point in his 9 year cycle and brings opportunities to get out of his comfort zone. It's good for experimentation and travel. A 5 Year brings 5th or Throat Chakra Healing. It's a time to listen to our inner voice (INTUITION adds to 50/5). Find your Personal Year or read this deeper article.

As a lifepath 8, his busy periods in 2015 are March (a Personal 8 Month - good timing for his visit to Australia!), May (a Personal 1 Month of beginnings), June (a Personal 11 Month which activates his Name/ Career number) and August (a Personal 4 Month - his later life is strongly influenced by Master 22/4.)

The real turning point will be December 2015, as this is a Personal 26/8 Month, which activates his 26/8 lifepath. This will bring an opportunity for rebirth, especially after 2014 (a year of constructive effort in his chart, especially around May-June). It looks like Dan will be having a memorable Christmas this year. 

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Dan Millman Dream Big Quote"Dream big, start small, then connect the dots."

Thank you Dan for uplifting us all, and for the opportunity to do a psychic reading for you. See you again soon, I hope!

Dear Readers, If you have any questions, please write to me on facebook at The Numbers Queen. It's best to comment on the timeline to ensure I see your message. You can also feed back below - I review all comments first to avoid spam. 

Since 2007, I have devoted my life to helping people recover from crises and create lives of balance. If you would like a life purpose reading and forecast, you're welcome to book online

I also offer workshops and Past Life Regressions. Please note, I have a 6-8 week waiting list for new clients (it's worth the wait - see these testimonials). 

With best wishes,
Sarah Yip 
(a 29/11 lifepath & Master Numbers Teacher)
Professional Psychic Reader 

Brisbane Australia
Specialising in Palmistry, Numerology & Clairvoyance
I'm also an 11:11 Clocks and Repeating Numbers Researcher
Contact me on 0408 898 028 (SMS preferred)

All articles on this blog are copyrighted. Content may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. Comments made below will be reviewed before they appear online. 

6 Comments to Palmistry and Numerology for Dan Millman, Inspirational Author and 26/8 Lifepath:

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Dan on Wednesday, 6 May 2015 9:09 AM
Hi Sarah, Thanks for your care, discernment, and research in this detailed reading for your blog. You've certainly done your homework, utilizing both intuition and analysis. Wishing you love, clarity, and good times in the coming years, Dan
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Louise Hart on Wednesday, 8 July 2015 8:23 PM
Nice points That is truly interesting. Good luck inside building ones table.
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Tee on Thursday, 9 July 2015 7:10 AM
You never ever reduce master numbers. Dan Millman is a 44 life path. Definitely NOT a 26/8.
Reply to comment
Sarah Yip on Friday, 24 July 2015 2:32 AM
Hi Tee, thanks for your feedback. Dan says he is a 26/8 and seeing as he wrote the book I use for numerology I am inclined to follow his lead. I have met a Master 44 lifepath and they were quite different to the 26/8 lifepaths I have read for. Numerology has many different approaches and I acknowledge people are entitled to their views. wishing you the best with your numerology journey.

johm on Friday, 8 January 2016 10:51 AM
Absolutely amazing how I come across this site, after some extensive soul searching, my spirit guides presented the opportunity to locate this website. Having encountered a recent break with a dearly loved one intensified my journey on the real purposes of the pathway too spiritual awakeness. I have always felt that we as an entity in this universe that we are all governed by Numbers and how accurate it all is What lies ahead is too decipher the meanings of the numbers. Difficult maybe, but a challenge that awaits for me personally. Under this current circumstance I am starting too see things much clearer for the next chapter in life, and that's is too truly examine the excistense of numbers and there interpretations. I may walk alone in this life, but i know that i am surrounded by the elements of this universe as my guides to fulfill my greatest desires..2016 may depict a year of endings but at the same token 2017 embarks on the new beginnings and man im striving to get out of this Cocoon as my inner child is embracing the new beginnings, by studying the Art of numerics is gateway to peace joy and happiness I thankyou all for being my audience and will update with progress Yours entirely Johnny retro Pisees (Astro) 5/3/1965 life # 29/11
Reply to comment

David on Thursday, 25 August 2016 6:45 PM
Great article Sarah -- came across while looking up my life path of 26/8 and having a life review time right now -- your face looks familiar too - maybe I met you one time when I lived in Brisbane .. anyhow thank you again -- and I loved Dan's work from many years ago --- great guy :)
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