Make a 2016 Vision Board - 4 Creative Tips & A New Workshop!
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Make a 2016 Vision Board - 4 Creative Tips & A New Workshop!

This post explains how you can make a Vision Board to call in your dreams and goals for 2016.

A vision board is a collection of images and stories, which inspire you at the Soul level. 

We become what we 'eat', whether that's food, ideas or opinions. That's why I'm so careful with what I allow into my life. Everyone has 24 hours a day, but it's what you do with that time that determines your success.

Want to create a 2016 Vision Board?
Join me on Sunday 10 January 2016 for a New Moon workshop!

The Spiritual Realm/ GypsyGirls readings by Kate, Shop 4/ 381 Main Road Wellington Point, Brisbane Queensland
Time: 1pm - 4pm 
Please bring: An apron or old t-shirt, 4-5 magazines, photos or postcards that inspire you and snacks (cafes are nearby). 
Fee: $150 prepaid or $170 on the day. Only 6-8 spots available, so be quick! If minimum numbers are not reached, you will be offered a refund or place in February (date tbc). 

This price includes a mini-reading (in a group setting) and a 2016 numerology talk. 
Book via SMS to 0408 898 028 or email me Due to pregnancy, this is one of my last workshops until June 2016.

Yesterday, I was speaking to a friend on the phone when one of my vision boards flew off the wall (see photo). 

I'd been wondering whether to update this particular board, and figured that this was an emphatic 'YES' from Spirit. 

How do Vision Boards work?
Although our conscious mind operates on logic, our subconscious mind responds better to images and feelings. A vision board allows you to 'program' your inner self for happiness. It's amazing what happens when you send clear signals into the Universe.Although our Spirit Guides are always around, they wait for us to make a decision before jumping to assist us. That's how we learn the power of free will and positive intention. 

Our Guides love when we are specific. Imagine walking into a restaurant - if you just order 'food' you'll confuse the staff, and could get anything on your plate. On the other hand, if you ask for a 'margherita pizza', you're more likely to get what you want.

How do I make a Vision Board?
There are no set rules, but here are 4 creative tips for making a powerful board that truly represents your Soul's needs. 

1) Make it fun, not a chore. Vision boards are an intuitive tool, and should be made in 1 or 2 sittings. Cut or tear pictures from magazines, add photos, quotes or any other souvenirs that you feel drawn to and keep them in a box. When you are ready to create a board, arrange the images based on your gut instincts. Don't aim for perfection - a messy board is fine! After all, beauty is subjective.

2) Don't compare. It's wonderful to create a vision board with friends or in a class, but avoid the temptation to ogle other people's work. We all come to Earth with an individual life purpose (find your lifepath here) and only you know what will give you joy. Vision boards aren't an art project, they're a he(art) project!

3) Put your board somewhere obvious. The more you celebrate your vision, the faster it will come true. I keep my boards in my study. Some people put them in their bedrooms, but I find that a little distracting - each to their own. Each time you look at your board, focus on at least one image and visualise it coming true. What would it look, sound, feel, smell and taste like? 

4) Let it go. As with all manifestation, it's important to 'stay loose'. There's a fine line between chasing your dreams and stalking them! The way I see it, if you put in 100% effort and something doesn't come true, it's because Spirit has a greater plan for you. You're not being punished, just redirected.

Whenever I pray for something, look at my vision board or create a wishlist, I finish with 'please send me this, or something better for my highest good'. That way, my Guides have room to surprise me!

When should I make a Vision Board?
Between a New and Full Moon is ideal, as that's the perfect energy for bringing in freshness. It's also a wonderful way to start each year (hence today's post).

I'd also recommend making a board around your birthday, when you start a new Personal Year in numerology.
Find Your Personal Year here.

Sarah Yip VIsion Board QuoteHow do I know if my Vision Board is working?
Easy! If you feel good when you look at your board, it's working. If you feel nothing, or it starts to depress you, consider updating your board - maybe your needs have changed or you were too 'in your head' when you made it.

There's a big difference between what our mind craves (e.g. power, control, looking good), and what our heart knows will give us peace! 

What results can I expect?
They vary, so let me share my experience. Here's the Vision Board that fell off my wall. I made it in 2013 at an EQ Events weekend called Personal Success Intensive (I've done it a few times and am a Life Design graduate - see this review of courses I've done).

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Vision Board

What came true? About 90% of what I included...

-The first thing to appear was the big shower head (see top left corner). When my soulmate Kris installed a fluoride filter, he upgraded our shower so I could enjoy a 'waterfall' everyday (read more on water and your Third Eye Chakra). 

-I went to all the festivals listed (Woodford, Uplift etc), had my garden party, made that strawberry tart and found a way to live life 'pain free' (see this list of my healers) after years of neck issues.

-I didn't buy the leafy house on the Gold Coast, but I did live somewhere extremely similar with friends!

-Kris and I stayed together despite some harrowing times. At one stage, we were fighting all the time, and I took down this vision board because I couldn't stand the pictures of us.

Kris walked in, and without saying a word, put it back on the wall.
I burst into tears and we reconciled. Now we are engaged and expecting our first child, Forrest Bump (read more on my psychic baby). Just like the board says, it's a boy and he's been 'worth the wait'. Who would have thought, a sheet of cardboard with pictures on it could make such a difference?!

I hope this article will inspire you to make a vision board for 2016. Here are some of my latest creations to give you more ideas. 

Sarah Yip Vision Board WhiteSarah Yip Vision Board White 
There's a couple of quotes on the blue one (on the left) that I love, including "I will light up every room I walk into", and this gem from Marilyn Monroe, "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."

To finish, here is some feedback from one of my amazing Vision Board clients Nicole:

"I worked one on one with Sarah in October 2014 while going through a healing crisis. Sarah worked with me through a number of techniques to help me overcome my demons. During our 4 weeks together Sarah introduced me to the magic of vision boards and how they can be used as a tool for the law of attraction.

I desperately needed to relocate to Brisbane to continue my self healing journey so Sarah and I set to work. We began by writing down a list of things I needed. These were things I had no access to... Some items included $7,000 or more for rent of a apartment, a new Mac computer to start my studies, essential furniture such as couch, bed and fridge.

Other wishes included having my clothes, valuables such as my spiritual ornaments, books and car sent up from Melbourne. 
And most importantly my two cats. After we established what I needed, I also described the type of apartment I wanted, including the rent I was willing to pay weekly.

After I had written my list, Sarah gave me a pile of magazines to go through. We cut out images of the items listed and I began to create my vision board. I stuck my board on my wall at the residence I was staying at, in a place I subconsciously glanced at frequently.

Within 3 days I had received one of my items, my car, and in 2 weeks one by one all the other things I asked for began to manifest into reality. I found an apartment that fit the exact description and suburb I had asked for, my cats, bed, clothes, ornaments and books were delivered from Melbourne, and I was gratefully sent enough money for a couch and fridge, along with a new Mac computer.

Not only was I in complete amazement at how powerful my vision board was, but I encouraged those around me to create their own so they too could manifest what was needed in their lives at that time too.

I now use vision boards regularly when I am at a road block in my life. A tool I share to those around me. I am forever indebted and appreciative to Sarah for teaching me the power of vision boards for manifesting our life dreams and goals."

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Sarah Yip
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