Palmistry and Numerology for Robin Bailey, Radio Host & 30/3 Lifepath
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Palmistry and Numerology for Robin Bailey, Radio Host & 30/3 Lifepath

Robin BaileyThis post is dedicated to the team at the 97.3FM Breakfast Show with Robin, Terry & Bob, especially Ruth de Glas, Ashleigh, Robin and all the listeners who have come in for readings. I love you!

Sometimes we meet a spiritual teacher who completely alters our future. Robin Bailey is one of those people for me. In mid-2013 I'd been a full-time psychic for over a year and was struggling. 

At the time, I was still recovering from changing careers, partners and homes after a breakup on 11.11.2011 (the beginning of my 11:11 journey). Although I'd met my soulmate Kris, I was living on credit, not eating well (due to anorexia/ orthorexia), and about to give up on my dream. So I got creative.

I contacted several palmreaders to offer a swap. Almost all of them turned me down, however the Universe said yes. As they say 'for every step you take, God takes two to meet you'. By July 2013, I landed a spot reading palms on 97.3FM's Breakfast with Robin, Terry and Bob, a top-rating breakfast show in Brisbane. Only a couple of leads came from that, but it was a promising start.

Sarah Yip 97.3FM Breakfast Robin Terry BobIn November, I returned to read for the announcers. It was meant to be a 15 minute session but I stayed for 45!! Initially, I walked in feeling like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I remember saying 'I'm about to close my business' and the team replied 'Wait! Let's see what happens after this show...'

Here's what happened.
The first interview aired and I got 1-2 inquiries.
The second show aired and I received another couple of calls.
Then the third reading went to air (in the same week) and 30-40 people booked in. It was overwhelming. I opened an office and never looked back. *I now work by
 phone/ Skype. 

Moral of the story: If you're meant to do something, Heaven and Earth will move to help you. You just have to show up for the party!

Back to Robin. Robin Bailey is a popular radio personality in Brisbane, who inspires thousands of listeners each week with her humour and honesty. She was in the spotlight last year after the suicide of her beloved husband, Tony Smart in September. Robin has kindly allowed me to profile her numerology and palmistry, for which I am extremely grateful.

A Sneak Peek at Robin Bailey's Numerology

1) Robin's Life Purpose

Based on her date of birth (kept private), Robin is a 30/3 Artist and Communicator Lifepath
 (find your lifepath). This means she has incarnated to heal her 3rd, or Solar Plexus Chakra in this lifetime. This is the chakra in the centre of the body (including our Liver and digestion). It's all about core strength, guts, personal power, and speaking up (3 even looks like lips).

Many radio announcers I've read for are 30/3's (including Bob from 97.3FM and Tim Ginever from FIVEaa - see video) or Master 33/6 lifepaths (including Ruth, 97.3FM's previous Breakfast Show producer, who I adore).

Sarah Yip 3 NumerologyWords like PASSION, HAPPY, SCEPTIC, DOCTOR and FAMILY add to 30/3 in numerology (see the system). There are various types of 3 lifepaths, including 12/3s, 21/3s, 30/3s and 39/12/3's. I call the 30/3's a 'pure' lifepath as the zero magnifies their need to master 3 energy. 

3's are here to follow their instincts, to question authority and to stretch their minds. Many of them are intellectually gifted. After one of my talks, a GP came up to me, wondering how I knew her occupation! She was a 30/3.

3's must learn to filter out criticism in order to bring their ideas into the public eye. The Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra is represented by The Sun, and it's about directing light to dark places. 
This lifepath requires constant personal growth, inner child healing and courage, as 3's tend to say or do what everyone else is afraid of! This can make them targets for bullies and gossip.

Consider famous 30/3 Lifepath Audrey Hepburn - her marriage to Master 33/6 Lifepath Mel Ferrer was dogged by power struggles, and rumours of love triangles (which have 3 sides). 

Dealing with conflict is part of a 3's lifepath - they must survive many dark nights of the Soul to find their brilliance. Stars shine brightest in the gloom, and you see a 3's true nobility under pressure. They have a high pain threshold and thrive in competitive environments.

Perhaps that's why I also see 3's in the military or politics (especially males). They are also over-represented in the media, arts, writing and music. Variety is their lifeblood.

3's are rarely found alone, as they are respected team leaders at work and home, and have a bond with children (Robin has 3 sons - there's that number again!) 

Although they can appear scattered at times, 3's are enormous fun to be around. I used to live in a house with three 3 lifepaths and a Master 33, who co-owned circus shop Threeworlds (how apt) on the Gold Coast. There were always bongo drums around. 
3’s need outlets for their ideas, or they can crave alcohol, sugar and other distractions.
Not only am I a Master 29/11 Lifepath (one step from a 30/3), my sister is a 30/3 lifepath and I have a 30/3 Soul Urge in my name. That's why 3's and I get along. We're like, numerology neighbours.

2) Robin's Name Numerology

Robin's full name (kept private) gives her a 6 Destiny - this means that her career is about opening the 6th, or Third Eye Chakra
Our Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra represents our brain, psychic intuition and ability to see the good in others. 
Robin is a visionary, who will 'make her name' opening people's minds.  

Sarah Yip 6 NumerologyThe number 6 looks like a pregnant woman - think of a mother looking at her child with love and you'll understand this energy. So Robin is a natural guardian figure and cosmic parent/ counsellor. She is also a fan of all things spiritual, thank goodness - it's what brought us together.

Many people with 6 Destinies become social workers, teachers, therapists, artists or go into community service. Interestingly, my clients from 97.3FM often comment that it's the only radio show they listen to in the mornings, because it makes them feel good.

The number 6 is ruled by the planet Venus. People with strong 6 energy are health-conscious and appreciate luxury (well, the number does have a potbelly or food baby!) Robin not only does plenty of charity work, she has a very large shoe collection...

3) Her Personal Year Cycles.
 Although I read for Robin in 2013-2014, I didn't see Tony's suicide coming. Why? I guess because I wasn't supposed to, and/ or I had said to my Spirit Guides 'don't show me death'. Nevertheless, it was a harrowing time - I felt so awful after hearing about Tony, I nearly shut my practice again.

Fortunately, my business coach, Debbie Davie (a 28/10/1 Action Hero Lifepath), told me I was crazy. Debbie is an accountant, who's great at helping people make the leap from corporate security to entrepreneurship. Mention me when booking and she'll give you a $10 discount on coaching. 

As soon I as realised Debbie was right, my bookings went through the roof. In numerology, I'm missing a lot of numbers in my chart. That means I often need support to finish things, hence my safety net of 20+ teachers and healers. 

Unlike most psychics, I have avoided doing mediumship readings, because the topic's too close to home (read more). That said, I am planning a blog post on suicide, free will and the afterlife with Mitchell Coombes (Australia's most trusted psychic medium). 

I've learned so much from Robin. Her willingness to speak about Tony affected me deeply. Working with her has inspired me, and countless others, to be more authentic in every sphere of life. 

We need more people like Robin to get the word out there that suicide is never the answer. See her interview on Mamamia.

Robin's numerology is full of 3's, so September 2014 (her 3 Personal Year, 3 Personal Month) was always going to be a turning point, requiring her to live up to her purpose as leader and agent of truth.

Robin was entering a Personal 4 Year of Heart Healing when Tony passed away. The number 4 represents the 4th, or Heart Chakra, and our deepest feelings. Many people experiences tests in their home life and health during a 4 Year. It's a time for changes of heart, direction and relationships. Find your personal year.

We must work through lessons of forgiveness and compassion, in order to restore order to areas of chaos. The questions to ask during a Personal 4 Year are 'Am I doing what I love? Do I love my life? Am I going in the direction of my dreams, or my fears?'

Robin took her boys to Africa in late 2014, moved house in mid-2015 and sold her previous property and Tony's business by the Blue Moon on 31 July 2015 (hear more). This makes sense, as our biggest shift in a 4 Year is in May-June (a time of endings and beginnings), and Robin entered her 'lucky' Personal 3 Month in August. 

Looking at Robin's chart, she has a lot of happiness coming in from late 2016 through to 2018. These are fortunate years for her career and home life. She truly deserves these awards and rewards. This is a woman who brings so much hope to people. She is definitely a Lightworker in leopard print heels.

Robin Bailey Palmistry by Sarah Yip3) Robin Bailey's Palmistry -
6 Unique Features

Here's a peek at Robin's hands.
I won't go into detail in this post, but if you're interested in handreading, check out my Palmistry FAQs or my other readings for famous people

Robin has long palms and shorter fingers, giving her an active, fiery personality suitable for the spotlight. She's a doer and achiever. 

Her right hand (active/ writing hand) has bolder lines than her left, which suggests an optimistic personality and someone who’s more confident as an adult.

1) Robin's Life Lines on both hands are complete, running from her thumbs down to her wrists in a strong curve. These give her an intense will to live, physical strength and stamina. Robin loves to run up mountains to stay fit. 
2) Robin's Head Line is dark and straight, reflecting good focus, discipline and the ability to solve problems quickly. She's quite logical, and at times argumentative (!) Similar to a lawyer. 

3) Robin's Heart Line is long and curves up to her Jupiter/ Index finger, suggesting a passionate nature. In my experience, people from Western cultures are more likely to have a curved Heart Line and to marry for love - people from Asian or conservative cultures have straighter Heart Line and value consistency over romance.

4) Robin's Thumbs curve back at the tip, meaning that she is flexible, and tends to give more help than she receives. 

5) Robin's Saturn/ Middle finger is long and developed, giving her a serious side and an old-fashioned work ethic. Well, she does wake up incredibly early, compared to 99% of the population.

6) Robin has Apollo/ Sun lines below her Apollo/ Ring finger (not visible in photos), showing her psychic ability and wisdom. These lines reflect our Third Eye Chakra and ability to see the big picture. 

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into Robin's fascinating numerology and palmistry. Thank you again Robin for your generosity over the years and for changing my life for good!

To round up, here are Robin's thoughts on my readings for her:

"Sarah has been a regular contributor to our breakfast radio show for a number of years and she has given us readings on and off during this time, however a year ago I suffered a family tragedy and Sarah stepped in with some specific readings for me which were mind blowing. She was able to accurately tell me practical timings for things in my life like when I would sell my house (and she was right) as well as advice on how to show my children a different way of thinking and feeling, which have also been invaluable. Sarah knows her stuff and has a lovely caring way of getting that message across. Love and Light."

Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoyed this insight into one of Brisbane's most loved radio personalities. 

If you or a loved one need someone to talk to, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

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