November 2016 News - Supermoon, Cashflow Tips, Crazy Psychics and Robin Bailey's Shock Dismissal From 97.3FM
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November 2016 News - Supermoon, Cashflow Tips, Crazy Psychics and Robin Bailey's Shock Dismissal From 97.3FM

*An UPDATED version of this newsletter was published on 27/11*
Happy Supermoon! Wishing 
you a light-filled day during this VERY rocky time on Earth. Here's an 11:11 post on 11 healers who've changed my life. 

I planned to send this on 11/11 but after three PCs failed, I took the hint to rest. If you've been flat, it's time for a tune-up. 
I've already had three healings this week, as Forrest is crawling, we're getting married in March and life is super busy.

November is a Master 11 month in numerology - the vibration of WISDOM, ABUNDANCE, LIGHT and a time of sudden insights. 

This week we have a Full Supermoon in Taurus ('the bull' in Astrology). This is the closest the moon has been to Earth in 68 years. It's a time to 'grab the bull by the horns', 'take a stand' and pursue our dreams (including financial goals).

It's also about nurturing yourself and walking away from immature people. We're clearing the decks for 2017, a Universal 1 Year of Beginnings. 

If you're finding it hard to sleep or relax, hold your hands over your heart, wait for a beat then tune check out my podcast with Desmore on how to be incredibly psychic and start working with your Spirit Guides...they're waiting for you!

Where's Sarah?
My next spots are in January - book soon as they fill quickly

I've had so much interest in palmistry courses, I've almost filled the next workshop on Sun 4 Dec. Email me with the subject 'Palmistry' to receive advance invites or go on the waitlist.

New numerology course dates will be announced soon, email me with the subject 'Numbers' to receive advance invites. Meditation tracks and workshops are planned for 2017.

***Special Post - Please Help***

Yesterday I was about to talk to Robin, Terry and Bob about the Supermoon when they were called into a meeting where Robin was fired on the spot. After 10 years' on morning radio you think they would have given her a chance to say goodbye - not only was she one of the first female breakfast radio hosts in Australia, her husband Tony suicided only a year ago. 

Here's my tribute to her plus an explanation of the Supermoon - did her numbers predict her exit?! Find out in the post

Please, write to 97.3FM to protest their decision, and post a message of support on Robin's facebook. They're received over 1300 complaints in just one day. People like me can't believe we are putting people like Trump in power, while taking role models like Robin off air. We need to let the station know this is not acceptable! Robin helped save me from closing my business in 2012 - as a result I've shared numerology with over 2 million people worldwide - see her psychic reading. I love her.

Fresh from the blog (Oct/ Nov)

It's time to honour our water and Source of all life - this post includes a prayer to relieve stress :) Please support the Standing Rock Sioux

Are You Honest with Money? 8 Chakra-Based Tips for Creating Cashflow 
A must-read if you need some abundance right now. Maybe so you can donate to the causes mentioned - up to you of course!

The Five Craziest Things Psychics Have Told Me - Why This Industry is Buyer Beware! I reveal the wackos and how you can avoid them.

Fear of Spiders - What's the Spiritual Meaning? Spider Totems Explained 
Bless the bugs, they're holy too.

Happy Snaps About Town

Here's Forrest, Kris and I meeting The Veronicas at a Sea Shepherd fundraiser - they are 32/5 lifepaths (Rebels) who are turning 32 and entering their 1 Personal Year next month! I often meet people at their 'lifepath peak years' - find your lifepath and personal year forecast. I had to use my psychic powers to guess which Veronica was which! Lisa (on the left) loved Forrest and said she was clucky :)

Want the truth behind the news? Listen to Conscious Wisdom Podcast or watch Youtube for info on health, spirituality and the media. Created with love by my fiance.

*Newsflash* Ask Kris for a quote to produce your next podcast or guided meditation in Brisbane. We are setting up a home studio.
See 11:11 or repeating numbers? You're a Spiritual Messenger. It's time to check your 'inner voicemail'! You're at a turning point and your Guides want to connect. 
Read morelisten to a podcast or see facebook.

Wishing you a month of honest conversations and breakthroughs,
love Sarah

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