Your 2017 Numerology Forecast - Will You Make a Fresh Start?
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Your 2017 Numerology Forecast - Will You Make a Fresh Start?

Sarah Yip 2017 Numerology PredictionHappy New Year! 2017 is a Universal 1 Year of new beginnings, tribal healing and self-confidence. What a chance to reinvent yourself - this is the year you've been waiting for. 

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Why 2017 is a milestone year
My predictions for 2017
Who will be most inspired by 2017
2017 Numerology Explained
Is there a link with Chinese Astrology?
What happened last Universal 1 Year?
Why did 2016 hurt so much?
What comes after 2017?
Your Personal Numerology Forecast 

Why 2017 is a milestone year
2+0+1+7 = 10, which reduces to 1 in numerology, the 'action hero'. In Tarot, the 10 Card is the Wheel of Fortune, and the 1 Card is the Magician. Both are lucky. They represent the rewards from good deeds, and following our instincts. 

TIDE adds to 20 in numerology, and KARMA adds to 17. So, 2017 can be read as TIDE-KARMA, i.e. a chance to 'turn the tide', wash away regrets, and ride into the future on a wave of positivity. I explain the Pythagorean system here.

1 looks like someone standing up, ready to run (or surf!) Think of grass growing through a crack in the sidewalk and you've got 1 energy in a nutshell. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Numbers go from 1 to 9 and then repeat, so we ALL began a nine-year, global cycle of learning in 2017, which ends in 2025. The energy of ‘beginnings’ will be strongest in September 2017 (a Universal 1 Month, in a Universal 1 Year). How exciting!

My predictions for 2017
Key themes for individuals: fertility, fresh starts, instant manifestation, finding your confidence, taking leaps of faith, repairing your gut/ listening to your gut, self-care, freedom, getting better sleep, mental and physical health, artistic expression, sexual healing, spiritual leadershipovercoming bullies and abuse, resolving birth and past trauma - see tips on inner child healing, and success from 'the power of one'. As they say, 'to the world, you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.' 

Key themes for the planet: ‘out with the old, in with the new’,
justice, the collapse of ego-driven economics, community-building, gypsy living, un-masking of corporate deceptions, finding out where we come from (aliens, UFOs etc.), environmental wake-up calls, heeding our inner voice, the rise of crystal, sound and energy healing (especially for kids and animals). You'll see more 'tribes' forming, as 1 energy is about banding together and protecting our valuables.

Who will be most inspired by 2017
Pioneers, Inventors, Leaders, Activists, Creatives, Healers and anyone starting a new life, career, family etc. You’ll be particularly motivated, if you are:
- a 1 Lifepath - find your lifepath
-in a 1 Personal Year – find your personal year, and/ or
-carrying two or more 1’s in your DOB, a 1 Destiny/ Career Number or Soul Urge / Relationship Number. You will be busy!

2017 Numerology Explained
2017 invites us to see the world with fresh eyes, by:

Healing our closest relationships (2)
2 represents the Sacral Chakra - intuition, feelings, the Divine Feminine, and partnerships (especially with our mother and women). Think of the 2 as a swan, happiest paddling with friends. As with 2016, this is a year to see people as teachers, not rivals (see this post on staying friends with your ex).

Believing in miracles (0)
0 is an egg of potential – it contains all numbers within. 2017 will give you a chance to reset any area. Seeing prompts like 11:11 this year, is reassurance that you’re in a rapid healing period. Open to the synchronicity and love.

Acting on new ideas (1), and
1 stands for the Root Chakra - logic, the Divine Masculine and individuality. Good health, financial and physical security gives us the stamina to keep ‘failing forwards’. This keeps us grounded and reliable in times of chaos.

1 energy, invites us to do one thing at a time – to be an expert, not just a facebook fan. Just as a car goes back and forwards, everything you choose evolves, or devolves you. More thoughts on the spiritual side of driving. 

Committing to spiritual growth (7)
7 represents the Crown Chakra – trust, psychic connection and knowing. 7 is about the long way to the top (it looks like a detour), and healthy scepticism. Everything you learn, you take into future incarnations. Those who grasp their immortality, raise the vibration of those around them. Consciousness, like laughter, is contagious.

When my partner and I were trying for a baby, it wasn’t about falling pregnant, so much as getting our lives into shape. Even when I was in labor and sacred, I thought ‘it’s ok, our Souls will be fine.’ Motherhood has been so enlightening. More baby articles. 

So, pick a big goal and start climbing it. Don’t just take selfies at base camp, pay for quality guidance (like a psychic reading with me, or a healing with my friends), and get going! Today is the youngest you’re ever going to be.
Is there a link with Chinese Astrology?
Absolutely. We enter a Red Fire Rooster Year on 28 January 2017. Rooster Years are about loyalty, decisiveness and initiative – exactly how we define 1 energy in numerology. The rooster is the 10 sign in the Chinese Zodiac, which matches the Universal Year (2+0+1+7 = 10/1). So perfect.

Food for thought:
-Roosters crow at dawn. 2017 will bring wake-up calls you can’t ignore, no matter how good your earplugs. Make the most of it.
-The chicken comes before the egg. Mother yourself, and your babies will prosper, be they kids, or a new business, book etc.
-Roosters are show-offs. There’s no hiding now. If you’re in integrity, you’ll get offers. If you’re a phony, prepare to face the music.
-Don’t be a headless chook. Eggs/ ideas don’t always come out on the first go. When I worked in Government, a colleague had a chicken who squawked all night. Eventually, she laid a monster sized egg. It even had ripples from where it got stuck. You might feel like that hen this year. Give yourself time and space to deliver the gold. That may mean more holidays and massages!
What happened last Universal 1 Year?
Universal 1 Years bring much-needed upheaval at the leadership level – they’re a cosmic spring clean. Financial and political changes are common. 1 Years bring imbalances to light, which can take years to address.

2008 brought: recessions in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, a wave of leader resignations (in Cuba, South Africa, Israel, Pakistan), Vladimir Putin's appointment as Russia's P.M., Barack Obama's election to President, and a $700 billion bailout of the US financial system. Breakthroughs included Kevin Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generations, democracy for Bhutan and Nepal, and the legalisation of same-sex marriage in California.
1999 brought: Bill Clinton’s trial, the introduction of the Euro, Australia’s republican ‘No’ vote, Helen Clark’s appointment as New Zealand's first female P. M., and many natural disasters and gun crises. Vladimir Putin* became acting President in Russia, on 31 Dec. Source:

*Putin is one to watch in 2017-2018 - as a radical 7 lifepath in numerology, he thinks differently to other world leaders. His chart shows a major achievement between Oct 2017 and Sept 2018. This success has '9 energy', which is about global healing. Fingers crossed he uses his power for good.
Why did 2016 hurt so much?
 As I wrote in my 2016 forecast, last year was a Universal 9 Year of Conclusions and Rewriting History. 9 looks like someone praying – it’s about deep thought, letting go, and new hope (9 resembles a spiral, or fern, ready to uncurl).  

For many of us, it's easier to breathe in (take in), rather than to breath out (release). We’re afraid we’ll run out of air/ luck/ life! That's why yoga is so helpful - it balances everything. If you can't get to a class, try this tip: Breathe in slowly for 4 counts, hold for 2, breath out slowly for 4 counts, hold for 2. Repeat for a few minutes, or until you feel's free and it works!

At the human scale, 2016 was marked by upsets. Spirit shocked many, by calling icons like Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds home. We also saw Donald Trump become U.S. President, terrorist attacks in Paris and other nations, and protests at Standing Rock

If you, like me, had wild ups and downs in 2016, I feel your exhaustion (ah, motherhood!) Many sensitives, including myself, lost their voices due to bronchitis or laryngitis in late 2016. This was a reminder to ‘speak up while you can’. Thank goodness for homoepathy and Reiki, or I’d still be coughing. More on healing a stiff neck/ your Throat Chakra.

During times like this you find your 'true' family. They're not always the people who raise you, and that's okay. Black sheep do well to start their own flocks. Crises connect you with other Lightworkers, so we can find strength in numbers. Nothing brings out Starseeds* faster than a dark night of the Soul.

*If you see 11:11 or repeating numbers, are into alternative healing or spirituality, want to help people on a mass scale, are psychic, struggled in childhood etc. you’re one of us! All humans are Starseeds, but I’m referring to those who’ve recently lived in other dimensions. Please, don't dismiss this lightly – do research including past-life regressions, before making up your mind. When you realise you're immortal, life’s so beautiful. It took me ten years to embrace my divinity, and I'd do it again in a flash.  

What comes after 2017? (adapted from my 2016 forecast)
2018 is a Universal Master 11 Year of Spiritual Growth and Partnerships. The next decade delivers huge openings for awakening people to bring their beliefs into the open. We will see waves of healers and 11:11 See’rs, who take a stand against misinformation. ‘As we raise our vibration, we will be tested’, so it’s vital to strengthen ourselves for the journey. It’s going to be huge.
Your Personal Numerology Forecast
As a psychic reader in Brisbane, I use numerology, palmistry, Tarot and clairvoyance to help you plan ahead. The system I use has been refined over thousands of readings and is extremely accurate for each year/ month/ day. Find your personal year numerology forecast. 

What's the difference between the Universal Year and my Personal Year? Both are nine year cycles. The Universal Year (e.g. 2+0+1+7 is a 1) affects everyone, while your Personal Year is based on your day and month of birth. It runs from birthday to birthday, however for those born from October onwards, there can be overlap.
For example: My birthday is 27 January. To find my personal year, I add 2+7+1 to 2017 i.e. 2+7+1+2+0+1+7 = 20. We reduce this to a number between 1 and 9 (or a Master 11, 22, 33) 

2+0 = 2, so from Jan 2017 I am in 2 Personal Year of Partnerships. 
That’s why I’m getting married soon. So I'm one step ahead of the Universal 1 Year (or eight steps behind – probably a mix of both). Let's just say, my 1 Personal Year of Beginnings was full-tilt, one of the most intense and exhilarating adventures I've ever had. Baby + business + engagement + major shifts in self-image = so grateful.
In Conclusion
2017 invites us to take inspired action, on behalf of ourselves, and humanity. God can only work through our hands – that’s why they say ‘the best way to predict the future, is to create it’.

We’re given our lessons in a Universal 1 Year, so keep track of any themes in 2017. They could mirror what you experienced in 2008, or even 1999. An accurate diagnosis is 99% of the cure. Becoming aware of your patterns now, could save your life later.

Don’t feel you have to fix everything yet – baby steps are enough. The Universe has your back. You are always protected by Spirit, even when you feel alone. Ask for a sign now – you might feel goosebumps. More on connecting with Spirit.

Here’s wishing you a prosperous 2017, where you discover your true worth and never sell yourself short, ever again. Big love. 

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Recommended Healers
Dimensional Healing with Deniz Akan
 She's a 1 lifepath and knows what you're going through - she even treats my baby
Reiki/ Tarot with Kris Anderson He's a 1 lifepath and my life partner. SMS 0428 626 727 for bookings in Brisbane (your place or ours)
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With best wishes,
Sarah Yip 
(a 29/11 lifepath & Master Numbers Teacher)
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3 Comments to Your 2017 Numerology Forecast - Will You Make a Fresh Start?:

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Michelle on Friday, 13 January 2017 9:25 PM
Thank you, I can't say how much, discovered you in Sept 2016 whilst had a rough time and sprained ankle on top (RESISTANCE!) still finding a lot challenging but you've helped ne be 'on it', currently in an 8 personal year, determined to complete this cycle with more to be happy about than not, getting ready for a fresh start (was affirming to realise I was an 11 and my little boy a 22, again words can't capture how grateful I am for finding your work.
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Sarah Yip on Monday, 16 January 2017 4:44 AM
Hi Michelle, super grateful for your feedback and so glad you are researching yourself - numerology gives us the power and understanding we need to live completely embodied lives, and to overcome our greatest fears. Wishing you a wonderful 8 Personal Year of breaking karmic cycles and finding a positive version of God again xx best wishes Sarah

Richard on Thursday, 2 February 2017 7:28 PM
Thanks for sharing
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