Feb 2017 News - Forgive Your Family, Romance Tips, Charlie Chaplin's Heroic 1 Lifepath & My Pregnancy News
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Feb 2017 News - Forgive Your Family, Romance Tips, Charlie Chaplin's Heroic 1 Lifepath & My Pregnancy News

Sarah Yip Triple M Interview Robin BaileyNews from The Numbers Queen 11:11 - Psychic Sarah Yip

Welcome to February. Can you feel the portal for healing? Here are Four Ways to Forgive Your Family (Especially Your Parents). It's never too late to have a happy childhood. In this Universal 1 Year of Beginnings, we have a chance to rebirth, and to find our tribe.

Love yourself enough to let go. Victory comes from following your dreams, even when other people try and make your life a nightmare! Read 36 Things I've Learned in 36 YearsP.S. If you keep seeing 11:11, 222, 333, 444, 555, you could be in a big personal year - learn more

Workshops - All classes are 6 ppl max. to ensure a quality experienceBeginners Numerology - 18 March and 30 April. Sold out Beginners Palmistry - 2 April. Sold outNew dates to be announced by April. Email me with 'Numerology' or 'Palmistry' in the subject to receive invites. These events always book out in hours or days.

P.S. Tickets still available for the 2017 Boundless Self Love Retreat, I'm teaching Numerology for Family Healing on Sat 27 May. Book in now.

"2017 will be nothing like last year. It's all about whether you're willing to stand up for yourself. The word 'alone' has one in it, but so does 'someone'. Sometimes, we have to be the one who takes the first step - the black sheep." Listen to my interview on 2017's Numerology with Radio 4KQ 
Missed your 2017 Forecast? Click here - Lifepath 1s this is your time to shine

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Charlie Chaplin’s Numerology – The 37/10/1 Lifepath Who Stood Up To Hitler - 10 incredible facts about Charlie Chaplin, his stellar career and scandalous love life. If you're into numbers, this is a must-read!
My Reading for Ed Kavalee, A Massive Sceptic on Triple MMM - When Robin Bailey asked me to defend psychics on-air, this is what happened next - it was a corker
Valentine's Special - Three Tips to Turn Your Failures Into Triumphs - If I can find love after 16 years, so can you. Here's my sure-fire tips for calling in your perfect match
Find Your Lifepath - Find your purpose and what chakras you're healing this lifetime

Need Clarity ASAP?
My fiance Kris Anderson offers extremely accurate Tarot readings by Skype, phone and in person for $150/ hour. Call 0428 626 727 for a session in Feb, or see his site. Clients are saying he's 'spot on' and gives them goosebumps. His Reiki treatments also come highly recommended.

Happy First Birthday Forrest - Here Comes Your Sibling! That's right, I'm pregnant - read my post on being a psychic mum, telepathy, and saving my baby from giving himself a lobotomy! 

What I Do
Psychic readings via Skype, phone and as of Feb, in-person at Chermside (am trialling for now) including numerology, palmistry, Tarot, 11:11 tips and clairvoyance. See testimonialsmy FAQs and interviews.

Where's Sarah?
Next spots are in April to June 2017 - book soon with a $100 deposit, as I'm on maternity leave from August. Initial readings are $550 or $450 for referrals. This includes a 90-105 minute chat, handwritten chart and hour of prep. 60min followups are $250. A forecast each birthday is great, as you enter a new Personal Year.

With best wishes,
Sarah Yip
Professional Psychic at www.sarahyip.com
SMS 0408 898 028

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