My 11:11 Breakthrough - Even Buddhas Get The Blues! How To Heal From Tragedy, With Grace
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My 11:11 Breakthrough - Even Buddhas Get The Blues! How To Heal From Tragedy, With Grace

Wow, what a week for 11:11 sightings! As soon as I posted A Poem for My Critics (on being an 11:11 See'r) and Why Do I
See 11:11
, the clocks have gone bananas.
In the past two days, I've seen 11:11, 12:12, 12:34, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. My Guides must be glad I started a video channel on Youtube 
and facebook after years' of procrastination. 

***Watch this blog on Youtube (12min) - it has extra info :)***

With my husband overseas, I've been doing a lot of work before Charlie arrives in September, and before the next Mercury retrograde on 12-13 August. This post is about how 11:11 appears when you're ready to forgive and take the next step in your evolution. 1+1+1+1 = 4, the number for the 4th, or Heart Chakra (Joy vs Grief). Seeing 11:11 is a reminder that 'every one' has come to Earth to experience love, not fear.

In my case, this is my first blog about my father leaving when I was 14. I had never truly mourned his departure until tonight. This is also the first time I've mentioned it in 220+ blog posts. That's how deeply I buried the shock. Hm, I finally understand that saying by Rumi, "the wound is where the light enters you."


This morning, I was discussing how painful it's been for me to restart blogging after two months (due to Forrest and pregnancy, work and my new marriage to Kris). Not only has my neck gone out (read more on healing your neck), I've been getting vertigo and insomnia.

Perhaps the Full Moon in Capricorn is part of the reason. In astrology, I'm a Capricorn rising, and my Venus is also in Capricorn. According to Tanishka, The Moon Woman on facebook, this Full Moon may bring to light any unconscious beliefs that we need to 'work for approval', especially fatherly approval. Talk about accurate! More on that later.

Anyhow - so my chiropractor, Jolene Cooney (a Master 29/11 lifepath too) suggested that I was doing too much computer work. Apparently, we're designed to move our eyes side-to-side, not up-and-down, so too much blogging could be disorientating both me and my readers.

When I mentioned my latest troll, Jolene asked 'Do you know your why? Why do you feel you need to keep proving yourself?' 
Her words shifted me. I recalled that my passion is 'freedom of thought and religion', and that I much prefer speaking to blogging. I also 'got' that I've been acting like a little girl, who still doubts her worth. No surprise, Jolene and I finished at 11.11, the wake up code for higher consciousness. 

After chiro, I went to buy groceries, and was served by 'Sarah 11' at register 2 (hilarious). So I knew that Spirit was telling me to check my mental inbox. I went home to meditate, and had a big cry and shift, which produced the following poem:

Even Buddhas Get The Blues -
How To Heal From Tragedy, With Grace

The day my darling father left
The roller door came down
He closed the gate and said goodbye
Promised he'd be round
When you're young, a trip means nothing
Time is just a word
Two years sounded like a weekend
That's what my ears heard
The orchids that he planted then
Still bloom two decades later
But he no longer waters them
My mother is caretaker
Today, I realised sadly that
Twenty-three years have passed
Since my father lived at home
It's been a nuclear blast
I kept a window in my heart
Hoping he'll come back
The same way I thought Santa
brought my presents in a sack
Now I know why Charles Dickens
Wrote his epic book
When you have Great Expectations,
They always get shook
Miss Havisham, she lost her man
And lay in bed forever
With one shoe on, and one shoe off
I used to judge her error
I truly thought she was insane
Until an hour ago
When I got that my old pain
Exceeded her shadow
The hurt is what explodes your mind
And gives your heart permission
To quest for Emerald Cities
And perfect your inner vision
A little girl's found home
With friends she's gathered
From the world
Who also felt alone
You can't find Oz without a storm
That throws your house about
And shatters the perfection
You thought you couldn't live without
My mother learned to mow the lawn
While Dad pursued his calling
I instead, got angry and
Tore up my inner walling
The closure of that garage door
Is why I'm so doubt-full
Of being in the public eye
And playing by the rules
My Dad would always give me clocks
And talk about eleven
He gave me all the tips I needed
To access the Heavens
That said, it's been 5000 days
I've lied and said he's close
No wonder I keep triggering
You can't expect approval
From the unhealed, I have learned
Those who still feel hurt and shame
Cannot share kind words
A weed is a plant out of place
Pain is much the same
A message looking for a home
It's just love's other name
Truly brave Souls forgive fast
They choose not to question
The why’s and the particulars
Of every single lesson
You wanted change
Well here's the nut
It only cracks with time
You can't break it by accident
The tool must be Divine
No one builds a Disneyland
In dreaming, Walt gave himself peace
And others, a kind story
My gift is a musical heart
Which grew when my Dad left
It's not the neatest place to be
But what a fertile nest
My loved ones know
I'm not immune
To falling back on blame
That's why we’re constantly working
To reinvent life’s game
Even Buddhas get the blues
So spill your anger forth
In safe surrounds,
You'll find your sound, your path and
Your True North
You've got this
You're from bliss
Now, to lift.

I want to thank Todd Anthonsen II, who added me to the MBTI999 (Myers-Briggs) facebook group today. As soon I saw that J.K. Rowling was an INFP and Walt Disney was an ENFP, I felt a healing begin. As someone who's an INFP-ENFP hybrid, I love aspects of both these people.

With 2017 being a Universal 1 Year for Earth, we are ALL processing 1 energy just like Walt Disney (a Karmic 19/10/1 Lifepath, aka Pioneer). This is our chance to rebirth, forgive our parents, and reconnect with our immortality (see my posts on past life regression).

There is no death, only the end of fear. Seeing 11:11 is a sign that you're ready for CHANGE (which adds to 29/11 in numerology). I can't say the next step will be comfortable, but I promise, the treasure is worth it.

When you know that life's on your side, everyday becomes a spiritual birthday. Keep growing and please remember, you are a Buddha, just in human form!

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